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Have you bought a new house in the suburbs and are planning to move in due time? That’s nice! Every person wants the best and creative designs to be incorporated into his/her home. Want to unleash your creative juices into making your home into a piece of art? If you are someone who has a unique taste in almost everything and wants to make the furniture and look of your new house customized as per your desire and needs, then reclaimed hardwood flooring is meant for you.


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What Is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is an innovative method to add a vintage and an evergreen look to your house. In simple terms, reclaimed flooring is nothing but the flooring made from reclaimed lumber. And this lumber is made from processed wood that has been retrieved from its original application and reused. This antique lumber is usually used for home decorative purposes and to add a classic hue to your surroundings.


The homeowners have a lot of environmental concerns about putting wooden floors in their houses, like the beauty of oak, maple, and pine, but now there is a myriad of options due to a relatively new industry that is reaching newer heights every day. It is also preferred because it not only adds a beautiful texture, but uplifts the beauty of the house and along with that, it is cost-effective too.


Is Reclaimed Wood A Reasonable Flooring Solution?


A square foot of reclaimed wood costs between $8 to $10.5 and thus making cost useful. They are a unique mix because they provide an aesthetic feel to the place along with the added green responsibility attached to it because it is salvaged wood which is reused for different purposes. It is recommended to have a visual inspection to make sure that the flooring is in excellent condition.


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Advantages Of Reclaimed Wood Flooring


  • There are many advantages of using these reclaimed woods for flooring purposes. One of the significant advantages is that it is durable. Reclaimed wooden flooring is much harder than any other wood you find on the market because it is old growth wood. As, it is made from trees that have been growing for an extended period, you can rely on their durability.
  • One of the biggest reasons that people prefer to buy this type of flooring is its supreme look. Because looks do matter! And, reclaimed wooden flooring gives a more antique and royal look compared to regular wooden flooring. It pairs well with any furniture and gives it a rustic and desirable feel. It adds a lot of detail and character attached to it which grabs the attention.
  • These are available in a wide variety and amazing patterns that you can pick to take the wow level of your interior to the next level. You can find a perfect reclaimed wood flooring option, depending on the type of home décor you have or the one you want to have. Be it a retail showroom or an online shop, you will never find a lack of varieties for this type of flooring.


Finally, reclaimed wooden flooring is exceptional and random at the same time because it can sometimes consist of rare species like American elm and chestnut. Alternatively, reclaimed wood can also be found by searching on websites like Ebay, Craigslist, etc. So, take out your phone or laptop, and start searching for a reliable shop that has an ample range of furniture, including reclaimed wooden flooring. 

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