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Transportation of any object requires a means of transport, while storing any object requires a safe damp place. But one needs something which is common in both cases. May it be stored in a single area or transported from one place to another, one needs a container to place the things within itself. A container not only keeps multiple objects together preventing them from getting scattered, but also keeps them safe from any external forces. 


These containers come in various sizes and shapes depending on the objects that need to be stored inside them. Shipping Containers fall into one such kind. These containers are durable with exceptional strength and are used to ship, handle and store things. Large shipping containers are also known as intermodal freight containers. These containers are used when the objects are to be moved from one transport to another without unloading.




Shipping containers may have a wide range of advantages because of their durability and airtight nature, these containers are preferred on a large scale. Owing to the surplus number of durable containers, the architects as well as engineers have developed an idea to create houses out of them.


On getting old, these shipping containers can be used to build houses instead of disposing of and wasting the durability present in them. It takes up a lot of energy to melt down these old containers and create new ones out of them instead a relatively lesser amount of energy could be used transforming them into something as beautiful as a house.

According to experts, the steel present in these containers is strong enough to stand against calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes and, tsunamis. As these containers are airtight, they allow neither water nor heat to enter into themselves making them a perfect residence. Shipping containers are self-supporting as they already have beams and stouts thus there won't be a need to waste workforce and other resources on building these extremely crucial parts of the house.

Various environmentalists have accepted this design to be a creative and an eco-friendly idea. Not only it safeguards resources for the future generation, but also leaves them with something as antique as itself. 

Generally, it is the best idea to recycle things that have no further use for the purpose they were intended to serve. This is precisely true in the case of Shipping Containers. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but what they forget to mention is if a way creative enough is known to man then every piece of junk can be turned into a valuable treasure for every being.  

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