Know the tastes of the recipient of the professional gift

Know the tastes of the recipient of the professional gift

Jan 18, 2019, 9:05:42 PM Life and Styles

If promotional items are intended to be widely distributed, professional gifts conversely have strong intuitive personae. Before choosing what will be offered, it is important to learn about the recipient of the business gift: The more information you get about the recipient of the gift, the easier it will be to find a present that will please him. Is it a man or a woman? More than a third of companies make business gifts to recipients of another culture in international business relations. It is therefore imperative to find out what you can and cannot do in the recipient's country. For example, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, commercial gifts are badly seen because they are regarded as corruption. Conversely, they are very well received in Latin America, China or Russia. Attention also to the choice of the gift: one will not offer alcohol to a Muslim (whereas the Asians love to receive wine). There are various provisions for the custom printed post-it-pads.

Anticipate your budget

Beware, corporate gifts can be expensive, especially if they are luxurious or personalized. It is therefore very important to evaluate in advance your overall budget, in order to determine either an identical average budget for all professional gifts, or a different budget depending on the importance of each of the recipients. When it comes to professional gifts, there can be a big difference between the actual value of the present and its perceived value. Thus, to save money on this expense, it may be worthwhile to anticipate the expense: for example, if you choose to offer ties or silk squares to some of your customers, why not buy them during the sales? In the same way, if you buy in large quantities, do not hesitate to play on the volume effect to benefit from a reduced unit cost. The custom journals can always be bought from the various sources.

What type of business gifts to choose?

There are a large number of corporate gifts. It's up to you to decide which will be the most suitable option: Great brand gifts convey an image of luxury and quality. The recipient will immediately know that it is an expensive gift and will feel valued. This is a safe bet, but particularly expensive. Personalized gifts: fountain pen engraved in the name of the recipient, MP3 player on which is inscribed a small personalized phrase, precise object which the recipient has already spoken to you. The personalized business gifts show a particular attention and are very rewarding for their recipient who has the feeling of receiving something unique. Useful gifts: USB sticks, diaries, graphic tablets. Some companies make the choice to offer gifts that the recipient can use on a daily basis. 

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