Why is Instagram becoming so popular with eCommerce brands?

Why is Instagram becoming so popular with eCommerce brands?

Oct 16, 2018, 2:11:11 PM Creative

Instagram is constantly updating their app. It has become a powerful marketing tool for the e-commerce market. It is providing a useful platform for e-commerce brand to use it as a part of a social media marketing campaign. Instagram with time is becoming a favorite e-commerce platform among marketers and e-commerce giants.

E-commerce companies with an aim to grab the attention of new online customers are getting connected to Instagram. The facts show that Instagram users engage more with content on Instagram than any other social media platform.


How Instagram is doing it…

The reason behind that, Instagram don’t charge for advertisements and it helps to create an unlimited amount of organic traffic.

We’re living in an era where consumers look for online information about the brand before buying from them. Therefore, in that case, social media such as Instagram is recommended as the first step before making a purchase.

Building trust among the user

Developing a trusting relationship is another key with your customers. Instagram has changed the way the users interact through social media with their new “Stories” feature.

From business prospect Instagram is all about brand marketing that helps in Sharing special moments, giving users behind-the-scenes clips, answering the customer question. Therefore, we can say that Instagram offers a combination of brand vision with the high-quality social environment.

Instagram advertising is all new effective approach to build brand awareness among the customer. This results in an of increase mobile downloads which are directly proportional to the traffic.


Providing a direct Link to the brands

Instagram introduced their newest feature “Shop Now” for online businesses. Thus Instagram is providing the followers to purchase their favorite brand’s products directly through their platform. As it is possible for brands to place their link directly below the post.

This feature can be beneficial for businesses in different sectors such as retail, fashion, and many other industries. It is noticed that Instagram is used by most of its users on a daily basis, which is better for e-commerce brands.


Giving pace to Marketing

It is another concept to speed the popularity of the brand product. The “influencers” helping the companies and business to promote their products. It is a kind of venture that projects like traditional advertising and endorsement of a product.

The influencer can be a public figure admired by the users. Therefore, brand portrait such influencer so that users or the followers get inspired about the product.

Instagram users discover new brand products that may lead to a spontaneous purchase rate of the products. This kind of approach is directly helping the brands to attain a position in the market.

A business can take benefit from such strategies and increase their ROI can be by reaching thousands of people with one post.

 Influencer act as an enhancer for the business which connected the online users with the brand. Therefore, a brand can focus and target section of the user through the Instagram platform.


Bottom line…

When we talk about social media platform for e-commerce businesses, then there’s no better Instagram. Therefore, it is a social platform for e-commerce businesses where brands are benefited with more sales for the online store.

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