Why You Should Study Tourism and Hospitality Management Abroad?

Why You Should Study Tourism and Hospitality Management Abroad?

Aug 29, 2018, 7:55:59 PM Opinion

Tourism and hospitality degrees are perfect for globetrotters or people who wish to travel the world. It is one such degree that allows you to follow your passion in numerous locations, have incredible experiences, and a highly rewarding career.  

With such high praise, you must be wondering what the job market is like for graduates or postgraduates in tourism.

Concisely if we put it, the job market for tourism graduates and postgraduates is vast. You can analyze the size of its job market by the fact that this industry employs nearly two million people in the UK. So, if you ask us, then yes, there are plenty of opportunities available in this industry spanning over different roles across departments and functions including marketing, HR, sales and legal among others.

It is likely you must be wondering about the qualifications required to enter this industry. The answer is pretty simple.

For entering this industry, you would need a bachelor or master in tourism. There are various universities, institutes, colleges and business schools that offer these degrees. One of them is EU Business School. The best part of pursuing your master in tourism at EU Business School is that you get access to interesting program called campus exchange. With campuses in Barcelona, Montreux, Geneva and Munich, EU Business school enables its students to study first year at one campus and second year at another, should students wish.

This brings us down to the reasons why you should study tourism and hospitality management abroad. Here they are:

An Excellent Career

First reason among the smorgasbord of reasons is that this is a career without limits. A master in tourism not only prepares you for a successful career but also opens doors for a range of high-level positions. Because the hospitality industry is diverse and constantly expanding, you will almost always find yourself surrounded by options, which means you would hardly be limited in your job search. Concisely, you would be opening a door of possibilities for you should you choose to study tourism and hospitality management abroad.

An Evolving Industry

As the world continues to change, so will the tourism industry. With architects widely focusing on creating incredible architectures and businessmen backing their visions, people will largely find themselves swarmed with options when planning to travel abroad. This means, the tourism industry will almost always be surging and evolving. Having said that, now would be a great time to join this industry and reap the rewards. Also, it may interest you to learn that it is one of the fastest-growing industries, both tourism and hospitality, and is most likely to create over fifty million jobs over the next ten years.

A Global Management Network

A master in tourism is the swiftest route to kickstarting your career. Most international universities and business schools open gates to a wider network of professors, industry professionals and alumni to its students through workshops, leadership lectures and other events. Also, students crossing national boundaries find themselves connecting to other students with different nationalities through various events in the city. This proves to be a great opportunity for a tourism student to learn about different cultures and grow the network.

World is your Oyster

With a master in tourism the world would be your oyster. It is one such degree that gives you a chance to travel the world and see new places. It is often cited that the number of international tourists will cross well over one billion within the next decade. This suggests tourism and hospitality industry professionals would be needed all over the globe to meet the demands of the surging numbers of tourists. It will most likely bring many great opportunities for professionals of this industry across the globe.

Becoming Skilled

Learning new skills is often attached to this industry, especially the skills of teamwork, leadership and organization. Both soft and hard skills have their own values in the industry. As a future manager you should have most of these skills. A master in tourism helps you gain those skills through right training, guidance and mentorship.

Tourism industry is largely on a surge and has a promising future. It is an industry full of opportunities, all it needs is people with the right skills, qualifications and knack to come and grab those opportunities. Would you be the one? 

Published by Shiva Kushwaha

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