How to Use FAcebook PlatForm to Generate More leads. 2018

How to Use FAcebook PlatForm to Generate More leads. 2018

May 9, 2018, 4:13:02 AM Business

Are you looking for creative ways to use the Facebook platform to generate more leads?
Have you ever considered Facebook Lead Forms?

Facebook Lead Forms allow a consumer to contact you as an advertiser without ever leaving the Facebook platform.

We've also seen cost-per-lead decreased by as much as 50% using this ad format.
Today we're going to talk about Facebook Lead Forms, how they work and the best way for you to utilize them in order to generate leads at a lower cost.
I'm Addiee, owner of, a pay-per-click lead generation agency.
Facebook Lead Forms are technically an ad objective within Facebook.
They're not an ad format. Ad formats are Images, Videos, Carousel Ads, Slide Shows, that type of thing.
As an objective, the interaction occurs after someone clicks the Learn More button when they're viewing an ad. So when someone clicks the Learn More button after seeing an image for example,
a Lead Form will pop up with their information prefilled, pulled right out of Facebook, and they can just hit the submit button to send their information to you as an advertiser, expressing interest in whatever you're selling. They never go to a landing page, they never leave Facebook, it's all right there within the Facebook platform and it happens very quickly. I'm going to start by talking about how Lead Forms are created within the Facebook interface so that you can see the different options that are available when you're creating the Lead Form.

As I mentioned at the top of the article, Lead Forms are an objective, they're not an ad format.
So when you create Campaigns, Campaigns are organized by objective.
So I always like to keep all my Lead Ads into one Campaign because they have the same objective being Lead Forms. So here we can see down at the bottom, “Collect leads for your business,”
and this is Lead Generation right here, this is the Lead Generation objective.
The campaign name, I usually just keep it as the objective unless it starts getting more specific into
clicks or conversions. Just for Lead Forms, I keep it general.

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