How To Get More Views On Your Blog

How To Get More Views On Your Blog

Blogging ain’t easy especially when the internet is loaded with millions of articles. But, hold on, fellow blogger! I have some suggestions that will radically improve your blog views and give you a wider reach.

1. Write What People Are Searching For

Basically, unless and until, you don’t write blogs which aren’t relevant to people out there, you aren’t going to get a lot of views. This doesn’t mean that you block your creativity from being the guiding light for your blogs. It simply means you cater your content according to your target audience. Write what people are searching for. Use keywords that will get your blogs up on Google search. Try including most searched words in your blog titles, and see the magic!

2. Hit The Bulls Eye With Your Title

Though you blog content is what is important eventually, to get people to click on your link – your title should be powerful too! It’s basically the door to your house. People wouldn’t bother to know what’s inside the house unless the door isn’t eye-catching. Make sure your title indicates what your blog is all about. Don’t keep it too long either! Play around with words and hit the bulls eye!

3. The Power of Social Media

Social media is the best way to get most of your audience. Simply posting the link to your blog on Twitter or Facebook can get you enough views. Make sure you leave a small description that makes your audience click on your link. Don’t post it a lot of times, people might take it as spam! Try connecting with people who are looking for the kind of content you are offering. Retweets and shares go a long way!

4. Submit Your Blog Link on Leading Blog Sites

The blogger community is huge and is always looking for fresh content. Feel free to post your blog link on these sites! This will also connect you to new blogger friends and will help you stay active. Remember, unless and until your blog doesn’t seem interesting, this won’t work either.

5. Use The Right Tags

Blogging does give you the option to use labels/tags in your blogs to improve your blog reach. The right kind of tags will not only increase your blog views but will also help you sort your blogs under categories. Be specific with your tags and don’t use terms that are too generic.

6. Write Your Best

Last but definitely not the least, content is what helps your blog do better. Write a blog on relevant topics like current affairs, fiction, DIYs, lifestyle etc. Write something that will help someone or make someone revisit your blog. Writing good content will just make your job ten times easier. Content is the king, and you cannot disagree!

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Published by Shraddha Bansode

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