I took a break from writing, and it helped!

I took a break from writing, and it helped!

Sep 14, 2016, 6:59:17 PM Creative

Being a writer is sort of a full-time job. You cannot stop yourself from seeing the world through words. You’re always thinking of how to pen your thoughts, how to come up with a piece of fiction or scribble a few lines here and there.

But, let me be honest. It could become tiring, at a certain point of time.

A few weeks ago, I got saturated. I got tired of the endless thinking, the mess my mind was dealing with. It happens when you stress yourself to create good writing every day. Writing what exactly you feel isn’t an easy task. It often makes you uncomfortable, exhausted and it inhibits creative thinking.

A lot of people say that a writer must write every day. If you want to grow as a writer, it requires you to scribble a few words every day.

I don’t fully agree.

Writing shouldn’t be dealt with as a mandatory thing on your to-do-list.

You have to give yourself some breathing space as a writer. Sometimes, solely taking the observer’s seat makes a lot of difference. Don’t mistake a writing break as a consequence of a writer’s block. I’m talking about two different things here. Taking a break from writing is more like a choice you make.

I realised I needed one when I started pushing myself to write something when I didn’t even have something to write. I had started to sound like someone else. My voice disappeared. And, let me tell you; that’s the worst thing that can happen to you as a writer.

My advice to you is that – don’t force yourself. Don’t puke on paper because you’re pushed down by the burden of calling yourself a writer.

Don’t create half-baked pieces. Write when you feel you want to write. Write when you have something to write. The moment you start doing this going against your will, you will lose the fair touch of honesty.

While I was on a break, I indulged myself in reading.

Go ahead. Pick up a book. Read articles. Read non-fiction. Hug literature. Become an observer, re-read some of your old works. If you can completely stop yourself from thinking about writing anything at all, it could be relaxing.

It helps. It is going into training mode again. Back to square one. It is like taking baby steps towards writing all over again! The writing break helped me largely. I can say this because when I got back to writing, my mind was blooming with fresh ideas. It didn’t feel like a messy play of words anymore.

The break unclogged my mind, I felt at peace and could embrace writing like once again like I used to. If you’re a writer, or let me say, if you love writing, you will always come back to it. In fact, when I was on a writing break, I wasn’t detached from writing. I did this to only enhance myself, to only introduce some breathing space for my words to live.

A writing break isn’t unproductive thing. So, don’t let anyone fool you to it. It’s just taking some time off as a writer to become an observer and coming back to writing with a better vision.

Published by Shraddha Bansode

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