It's hard to be a writer

It's hard to be a writer

Sep 15, 2016, 1:13:53 AM Creative

It's hard to be a writer. It requires you to be honest. It requires you to spend some time with yourself, with every word telling you a little more about who you are. It's hard to be a writer because you cannot fake it for long. There'll come a point when you'll know you're lying.

Words have this powerful force of pulling you back if you're lying and flowing effortlessly if you're being honest.

Writing will just happen to you. Writers don't sit with a bowl full of words and then carefully pick  heavy words that make the plate look fascinating. It's a process that just happens.

Words come to you like a long lost friend and you're immersed in a beautiful world that is entirely yours.

You're a writer only when you've lived a moment.

You're a writer only when you have been a little more alive or dead than the rest. You're a writer if you've the courage to fall in the ocean of your insecurities and imperfections, and spend some time there, trying to save yourself. No, you don't need the most beautiful words or a rhyme scheme to write something. All it takes is a moment you genuinely have lived. All it takes is a walk with your emotions, naked. All it takes is a heart ready to discover something surprisingly unusual. All it takes is patience to deal with the messy part of your soul. I agree, it's difficult to be a writer but trust me, there is no better way to know who you are.


Published by Shraddha Bansode

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