The only thing you should break this year is monotony

The only thing you should break this year is monotony

Jan 4, 2017, 12:09:50 AM Creative

I’ve been seeking inspiration for a while now. Being a creative professional, to keep your creative juices flowing all the time is taxing. But, I am not complaining and that’s not the problem I am scared of. The real villain is someone else. It’s monotony.

Routine is fine but not being stirred enough to create something new is dangerous, especially when you’re in the creative field. The lack of inspiration that arises from doing the same tasks every day makes it more difficult for you to craft new ideas. Before it takes a toll on our lives, here are some things you must incorporate into your routine to keep monotony at bay.

One new thing, every day

It is not as difficult as it sounds. A busy schedule is no excuse for making no room for new things. However, this might need some planning. Plan a day before – what’s that one new thing you are going to do tomorrow? It could be something simple. Trying out a new place. Having lunch at a different spot. Change in music. A conversation with someone new. A different flavour of coffee. A game of tennis. Driving to a new restaurant. You get the drill.

The day-cutter

It sounds odd, but it is interesting. Cut your day in the middle and eat inspiration. How do you do that? It’s simple. A 10-minute break can be utilised in multiple ways. Carry a book to work that deals with something that has nothing to do with your life. A book on biology, economics and so on. Read up on a subject that is worlds apart from what you do. It gives you a different perspective and is a good distractor in the middle of the day. If you are not a reader, engage in videos. YouTube is a huge library of interesting subjects. Watch a travelogue. It inspires like nothing else.

Off work? Create something

No doubt, you are creating something at work. But, once at home, make some time to create something for yourself and this time – it doesn’t have to serve a purpose. It could be anything – a paragraph on a person you met, poetry, food, a song or whatever you are capable of. Doing this every day might be difficult but make sure you do this once in a while. It ensures monotony doesn’t get too close to you. Besides, there is no harm in doodling a dog.

Inspiring stories every week

You can literally thrive on this part. I have, for the longest time, made it a point to introduce new inspiring stories to my life, time and again. Everyone can give you a piece of inspiration if you listen. It can be your colleague, your boss or an old friend. If nothing, you can find books and movies that deal with inspiring stories. The last movie that inspired me the most was “Steve Jobs” and the book was “Damn Good Advice” by Paul Arden. Be hungry for stories. It will never make you feel uninspired.

Find a purpose

This part could be the most difficult or the easiest one to do. But, once you have it, there’s no way monotony will make your life its home. Look for a purpose in what you do every day. It should be something that drives you to wake up and get to work. A purpose to create something. A purpose of bringing a change. A purpose to get better. This year, find a purpose and kick monotony out of your life.

Let 2017 be a year full of new things. Let it be everything but monotonous.

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Published by Shraddha Bansode

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