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Okay. Bad at introductions. And bios of any sort. Only online. If you meet me in person though, I"ll do a much much better introduction, which will most probably include the phrases "Whhhhhhaaaaattttt'sss UPPPPP", "I'm SHREYYYYYYY", "DO you love Linkin Park/Star Wars/Pokémon/Gaming/Food" and I'll either be waving my hands around in the air wildly or dancing around like crazy. I was born on 15 September 1995, and I'm 21 right now. I'm giving my birth date so in case I forget to change my age, you know how old I am. And don't keep on wondering why I'm 20 for 17 months rather than 12. This is my new haunt. I started here on August 8, 2016. Before this, I've primarily been writing on my blog. The posts on both my blog as well as MyTrendingStories will be mostly similar. My aim is to be a full time writer, a hopeful wish for some distant day in the wildly entropic state of events also called my future( Yes. I love Science. The Second law of Thermodynamics, i.e. Entropy is the best). So, all in all. Crazy dude. love writing. Extremely extroverted. Seriously. People want to beat me up because i speak a lot. Seriously, people ask my parents all the time how they handle me and my parent ask that to my best friends and my girlfriend. Here's to many many posts and amazing years on this website. Contact: Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/shrey.ahuja.75 Email- shrey_ahuja06@yahoo.co.in or shreyahuja09@gmail.com Blog: https://hazeshrey.wordpress.com/

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Ahuja Shrey 4407_09082016175718
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Ahuja Shrey 4407_09082016175718
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