A Heavy Rain

A Heavy Rain

Aug 31, 2016, 5:30:20 AM Creative

It was a torrential rain. A heavy and relentless downpour. It was pounding on the roof like a crazed man pounding on a door. Its echoes reverberated in the building. It filled every room with its noise, forcing us to shout to be heard. I sat in a room full of people who were talking and interacting, all I could think about was the rain.

It fell harder than any rain I had ever experienced before. The lightning flashed in the skies, begetting us all to smile to get our pictures taken. The clouds roared from kilometres away, as if to announce that the rain’s end looms much beyond our ability to traverse it. It feel so hard and cold it would hurt your bones, then cool you down and hurt you even more. It flooded the streets, with waters up to our ankles. It would launch an onslaught on your umbrella, making it harder and heavier o carry.

Most people fear such a rain. They don’t dare step foot into it. They stand under covers, hide in the protection of their homes and gaze outside longingly. As though the tempest is a travesty to be suffered in silence and waiting. It is only a selected few who step forth into such a rain.

They are the ones who can’t be harmed by the rain. Its cold drops won’t hurt them. It would instead bring them joy as the cold drops fell between the tiny spaces in their hairs. They would jump in the flooded streets and the dirty puddles, experiencing the bliss of the cold water dancing in the sky. They let their umbrellas sway breezily from one side to the other as the wind told them to get a little incautious. Let the cold water be graced by ending their long journey by landing on their face.

Everybody knows why such a rain comes. To wash away the scum from the streets. T wash away all the no gooders, the vile and the venomous and the evil from the world.

It was a downpour that would stay in my memory for a long time. The sheer ferocity of I would always liner on in the recesses of my mind. The way it spoke loudly, and the grace with which it did all this. It was a rain that woke everyone up, and made them listen to it. Show them who they were before it went away. 



Published by Shrey Ahuja


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