Book Recommendation-Live Wire by Harlan Coben

Book Recommendation-Live Wire by Harlan Coben

Jan 8, 2017, 1:30:32 PM Creative

Live Wire. It was only when I ended the novel when I realised the significance of the title. When I picked up the book at the store and read the title and the plot summary on the back, I put it off as another wannabe not so cool thriller. But the premise on the back was interesting enough to buy the book.
But the moment I ended the book and looked at the cover again to appreciate it, my eyes fell on the title again and I was like “Woooooooaaaahhhh!”. Live Wire. The words had assumed such grand meaning after finishing the book. Serves me right for judging a book by its title (That’s a joke).  
Live Wire is a thriller written by Harlan Coben. Live Wire is a very different sort of thriller which most people who are tired by the foolish characters often in thrillers appreciate. In most thrillers, you will find a person caught up in the whole act by chance. That’s there in Live Wire as well. But the difference is, in most thrillers, the characters are sort of dumb and idiots. They usually do things that wouldn’t make sense in such a situation. They get caught off guard easily. They don’t get basic simple things of life. Myron and Win, the primary character and one of the many supporting characters respectively, are nothing like that. They are usually ready. They have the solution to every trouble. They can be forced into a situation they couldn’t imagine and have the necessary back up plans. They are always one step ahead, or try to be. Of course now people will start thinking if a thriller doesn’t have characters which are weak and rise to the occasion, the thriller is boring. That is not the case. 
This thriller has thrills, but more of emotional and the sort you don’t usually see in a thriller. Instead of the high octane adrenaline pumped action, fuelled by the character’s inability to take on the situation, the thrills are abrupt, from the bluntness of the characters and the emotional situations the characters are faced with.
Like for example, in most thrillers, the lead characters let the villain live or people why can harm them live out of a sense of humanity and morality. Not in this. Just an example of why this book is different. 
The book stars the lead Myron Bolitar, an ex-basketball player, now an agent for MB Reps, which represents sports stars and so on so forth. Helping Myron are his friends and colleagues, Esparanza, Big Cyndi and the enigmatic and mysterious and resourceful and smart guy you want to be, Win(His actual name is much bigger and much more grand).
In the entire book, Win is the guy you end up liking a lot (Though you fall for all the characters in the book, it’s Win’s different personality that draws you to him). He is smart, he is always one step ahead, he is always prepared, and he always has a plan. There’s this quality about Win, him always being prepared, that he cannot be taken down. Invincible. Bulletproof. Even though you can’t be Win, you imagine what it would be like. To have so much power in your hands, and the guts to back them up.
Getting back to the story, Myron is visited by Suzze T, a former sports star and a client of his one fine day. She tells him some problem of his life and he sets out trying to find a solution. And then he sees a part of his past, and the whole story is set into motion. 
Myron is another character you fall in love with. Which is important, since you’ll be with him for the most part. Myron is smart, athletic and cool. He can have a gun pointed in his face and still be able to think properly. These are the outer qualities. On the inside, Myron is emotional as well. His actions in the entire book are emotionally driven, which is why you keep on reading the book. Whatever he does, he does for the people he loves. Most of the thrills in this book are his emotions. And they give you goose bumps. 
This is the one thing I miss sorely in most thrillers written now a days. Goosebumps. The ability to make you hair stand, or make you distance the book away for a second to be shocked. The ability to shock you with a happy thing as well. 
This book did a number on me. There are a few particular moments in this book which I still smile about, because they show the human condition. The ability of humans to care for the ones they love. 
One last thing about this book, which I almost forgot to mention. Harlan Coben’s writing skills. His dialogue is amazing. It has to be one of the most amazing dialogues I have ever read in a book. In all exchanges, there are always these undertones under what the characters say. Coben doesn’t simple write dialogue to move the plot forward. He writes it to make clear some emotion or some aspect he feels about. He tries to teach you something about the world. 
There was only one issue with the book. It can ruin the book for you, so if you don’t want it, skip to the next paragraph. The only issue was the starting of the book felt weird and eventually proves to be incorrect (in a way) when the book ends.
All in all, Live Wire is a live wire of a book (I thought let’s end this one with the traditional joke). It is one hell of a book. People who look for the intricate web of lies and thrills might not find it as amazing, but people open to great webs of mystery and emotions will love it!


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