Chats-The one with the Two Friends

Chats-The one with the Two Friends

Dec 19, 2016, 4:48:59 AM Creative

1: You have all these songs. But you always skip them on shuffle. Why the hell don’t you delete them?
2: I’ll always keep these songs
1: What the hell? Why?
2: She sent me all these songs when we were together. It’s like, a reminder of her, my connection to her.
1: These songs that you rarely listen to?
2: Well yeah. These songs are what started us off. It was our shared love for Imagine Dragons that brought us together. We were crazy. Up till midnight sending each other songs. Discussing them. Watching the music videos, analysing their meaning. We were crazy kids back in the day.
1: AHHAHAHAHAHAH!! Seriously? Music was what made you two crazy? You sweet, sweet innocent child of mine. 
2: Yeah, trust me. Had it not been for those songs, I don’t think I would have ever had a proper way of communicating with her.
1: Seriously?
2: Hell yeah! Had it not been for our shared love of music, we never would’ve gotten so close. That’s what I used to do. Send a song whenever the conversation dulled and then we had something to talk about. And just like that, we used to talk about the universe and its infinite expanse, life and sadness and about us. Somehow, those songs went through us and we weren’t afraid about talking. 
1: Wow.
2: And we sent each other all kinds of songs. Rock, pop, English, Hindi, old Bollywood classics, new age Hindi Rock, EDM, you name it, though I never liked the songs she sent. But I never told her, because me liking those songs made her happy, and I didn’t care about anything else or more.
1: Those songs mean a lot to you, don’t they?
2: They do. Each of those songs is her. Every song she sent has her in it somewhere. They preserve her. Because after somebody goes away, it’s what they left you that reminds you of your time with them. I mean, I hate listening to some of these songs, but I love them as well because when I listen to them, I feel with her. Telling her about the songs, how much I like them and seeing her face light up with a grin. Excitedly agreeing and then going off on how much she liked the song. There are her emotions behind some of these songs that these songs assume new meaning and depth.
1: Do you miss her?
2: Yeah, I do. I really do. That’s why I’m glad for the music. It helps you be with people long after they are gone.
1: I’m still confused. Why music? Even after music, you had so many mementos, moments, photographs. Things more tangible. Why music you hate?
2: Because music will always stay with me. Even when I’m ninety. So when I’ll be far away from home or maybe even have dementia at seventy four, I could hear the music and know she’s still watching over me and smiling at me and maybe coming to meet me or waiting for me to meet her.
1: Sucks man. The universe sucks. It’s an absolute whore for taking her. I mean, of all the worthless, good for nothings, it decides on her. What blasphemy.
2: Well, can’t blame it. I mean, the universe has a job as well. It has to be impartial towards it. It cannot care about the consequences and implications. It just cannot care.
1: Which leaves people devastated. For no reason, except the universe is a bitch.
2: Well, still. You can’t bitch and whine about the universe. You can’t possible wage a war against the universe. I mean look at it. It’s huge.
1: So? I say we do it and beat the universe to a pulp.
2: Yeah? Entropy will annihilate us even before we try. Gobble us up and throw us back out.
1: I say screw Entropy man. Screw Relativity. Screw Heisenberg/ We beat up the universe, one atom at a time.
2: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And how do you suggest we do it?
1: Well, there was this crazy king once, who went to war with Poseidon. So, in order to show Poseidon up, he had his army stab the water. Stab the goddamn water. And that’s what we will do. We’ll stab the air, ourselves, other people, tress, grass, al atoms. To take revenge. Let the universe feel our wrath.
2: BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. You can’t be serious?
1: I am. Because that guy was a genius. Because he let it all out. You can’t let the universe take away whatever it wants and then let it hope that it gets away with it. That there will not be r implications or consequences. The universe has to deal with them as well.
2: But it’s futile. Because the universe doesn’t have time for us.
1: So what? You’re saying that we let the universe get away with it and sit idly by?
2: Yes and no.
1: What?
2: We need to let the universe get away with it. We have to allow the universe to not care. Even if it did it in purpose. Because the universe cannot care. Because if the universe started caring, there wouldn’t be any fair thing to do and it would throw itself, and us in a state of perpetual chaos and eventually destroy itself. And it is imperative that the universe outlast us. So as to be a caretaker of everything it encompasses.  
1: So, we let it get away with it?
2: Yes. But we don’t sit idly by.
1: What do we do?
2: Now, this is something I truly believe in. You sit back and look up at the clouds. You look hard, really hard. And if you try hard enough, you’ll maybe see a silver lining. A small little reason to be happy and forgive the universe.
1: Why? Why forgive the universe?
2: Because the universe gives us sadness and happiness both. And hating the universe for the bad parts will bring us no good. Instead, we should be thankful to the universe for the good time it gave us and be happy. Live and let live, right?
1: Yeah, but still. It sucks what happened. I mean, it wasn’t right.
2: The universe is unbiased. It sees no right or wrong. It just sees what needs to be done. Even if we feel it’s wrong. We need to let the universe have one, even if it screws up. Be kind, because everyone, including the universe need it.
1: Yeah. Maybe even in taking away the universe gives us something. It gives us nostalgia. Things to live by. Memories.
2: Yeah. Makes sense. And it’s not easy to be pissed off at the universe. I mean, it did make me and her meet right?
1: Yeah, that’s true. But think about it. When it comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather sit with her and chat rather than chatting with me?
2: “Just smiles and continues working”

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