Stress is bad for Writing

Stress is bad for Writing

Sep 30, 2016, 6:39:34 PM Creative

Ever since I’ve started writing, I’ve always been particularly fascinated by one particular habit. Why is it that I am only able to write at certain times? Why is it, that some of my best writing come either in this night, when everyone is asleep and there seems to be no other life around for miles, or early in the morning, after I’ve woken up and accepted my quota of sleep? I’ve always been bogged down by this and forced myself to write at times when I usually wouldn’t write, such as the evening, noon, lunch time, dinner. Basically, anytime between early morning end (say noon) and 10:30 at night.


It’s not that I wouldn’t write, but it was usually too little success. I would try to write, but get disturbed by one event or the other. The event could be external, such as a form to fill, or a phone call from a friend, or my mom telling me to do a chore. At times it would be internal, such as stressing out over small facts. Such as being too tired, or thinking too much about my future, or stressing what a teacher would think of me for missing class. Both these types of events cause stress. This feeling in the back of your head that says, “You must do this first” or “You shouldn’t be writing now” or “I should have attended my class”. And once a though like that has set in my mind, I can’t focus. There would be something or the other running through my mind and I would spend time thinking about it rather than thinking about what to write.


That is not cool. This is precisely what is missing from me when I write early in the morning or deep in the night. I have no stress. I still have these little things to worry about, and either I’m thinking, “It’s the early morning, I have the whole day” or “It’s the night. I’ll just do it tomorrow”. Basically, external events fall to almost zero and the internal events I start rationalising as not mattering at the current moment. And that’s when I write like crazy. I just keep on writing and writing and writing for two to three hours before I either get on with the day or get on with some sleep.


So basically what I’m trying to say is, that whenever you start writing, try to be stress free. And realise yourself. That is a very important aspect for writing as well. Realise yourself and see what you’re good at, to appreciate the good little moments that took place in the day, the things that excite you. Appreciate what doesn’t make you feel good, what makes you stress or uncomfortable and change it or embrace it. But try to reduce the number of things that make you stress. Even if trying to reduce the things that make you stress decrease your writing time by a little bit. It’ll feel better, and you’ll soon get over it.


The point of this article is to impart some of my learnings and observations to other budding writers and artists. These articles focus on the little things which we often are unable to realise and they keep us from our art.

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