Will it Rain?

The orange red rays fell

On the land of dust,

Far away from the anarchy

That controlled the masses.

And the day went on,

With no disturbances in

The space-time continuum.


The clouds had not covered

The suns rays in years,

The people had never lost

Sight of their shadow outside

The darkness of the night.

The newborn did not know

How a drop from the skies felt,

The old losing hope they will ever

Have a wet umbrella again,

The middle aged to engrossed

To protect, they forgot rain existed.

The crops still grew,

With methods far from natural.


The clouds did displace after a

Long slumber, a period of inactivity.

For the first time in years,

Did the people see a sky with

No sun or moon,

A sky with fluffy shapes thought

To have disappeared with fall of order.


As the gusty winds brought with

Them rays of a new beginning,

Everybody feared if the crops

Would survive the storm.


I accept all criticisms towards the photo. I couldn't find one that suited the article, not with so many google images license issues! Hope it doesn't detract from the experience!

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Happy Reading!

Published by Shrey Ahuja


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