Have you seen TAJ MAHAL?

A trip to India is meaningless if you haven't seen the beautiful monument of love!

Standing at a corner, yet can be seen from almost half of the city, the Taj is elegant to watch for all travelers. The city, Agra is almost three hours drive from the capital "New Delhi". The best way to reach is to take a flight to Delhi and then book a cab for Fatehabad road.

Once entered the city, the most luxurious hotels like The Oberoi- Amarvillas , ITC hotels & The Taj will surely grab your attention as they themselves are not less than any dream destinations to ponder.

The magnificent TAJ MAHAL have four gates out of which east gate is the best, you may find the artisans of those era who have their own shops just a walk away. Considered to be one of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal has a very tight security which evenly distributes the crowd.

I remember my first visit, after keeping my shoes at the locker and thereby entering, rain drizzled and helped me to be friendly with the warm marble-tiles beneath.  I was awestruck to look at the beauty of the white magnificent Mughal architecture. I could feel the eternity of love that the Mughal Emperor gifted to his beloved Mumtaj Mahal. People were clicking photographs with their loved ones.


The Interior beauty cannot be seen as there is no light inside and will be sparkling only on a sunny day. Travelers are not allowed to click pictures of the tomb which is situated at the center. You may see the symmetry of each floral design on the marbles. It is said that the construction took almost 22 years post the death of Mumtaj Mahal and ten thousand craftsmen were employed. The blissful architecture is a dedicated art work of those talented craftsmen.

It is more important to know the story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal to feel the beauty of Taj & the presence of eternal love. The Emperor even chose to place his tomb near to the grave to his beloved. 

Published by Shreyasi Das


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