Reasons Stating The Benefits For Experiential Education For Students

Reasons Stating The Benefits For Experiential Education For Students

Oct 20, 2021, 1:24:02 PM News

Education today is no more just about academics. It has grown in leaps and bounds and covers various aspects of a child’s personality, and aims at enhancing his/her skills and exposure. The world we are living in is dynamic and ever-changing. Children today are required to adapt and inculcate habits, virtues and skills that are at pace with the competitive scenarios globally. Thus, it has become crucial for schools to integrate new learning techniques in their curriculum and help children prepare for a dynamic future world. 

Experiential learning is the most required aspect of today’s education, where children are supposed to learn and gain knowledge through experiences. Psychologist David Kolb emphasized how experiences influence the learning process. He defined learning as a process where knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Today experiential learning is becoming an active part of a school’s curriculum, and teachers and staff are trained for the same. Students are engaged in experiential learning through activities like international exposure, cultural exchanges, museum tours, project-based learning, etc.

Let’s have a look at few of the reasons stating why experiential learning is essential for students.

·        Improves Grasping Of Concepts: Actions speak louder than words. The child struggles to grasp various concepts that don’t pertain to the real world. Experiential learning gives students the opportunity to apply ideas and data in a real-life situation, and they play an active role in it. When the students interact with the information first-hand, it becomes more realistic to them and they understand the concepts behind it.

·        Becomes More Creative: Experiential learning opens the doors for the students to learn creative problem-solving techniques. Every child interacts and reacts differently in a particular situation. They learn and understand multiple solutions to various challenges and are encouraged to seek their unique solutions in the process. This improves their creative bend of mind.

·        Get The Opportunity To Reflect: By incorporating concrete experiences with abstract concepts and then reflecting on the outcome, students are engaging various segments of their brain at the same time. Along the line they are making strong connections with the material. They are getting opportunities of analyzing their actions and understanding the concepts in varied circumstances.

·        Learn From Their Mistakes: They are taught to learn and gain experiences from their mistakes and failures. They are no more afraid of trying new methods and ways of solving problems, which becomes a valuable part of their learning process. Students learn not to fear mistakes, but to value them.

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