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 It's a home away from home that focuses on a child's overall personality development as well as academics. It provides a conducive environment for learning, academic growth, and athletic participation, as well as preparing students to face a fast-changing world.

Despite the fact that every parent wishes for their child to live and study at home during their school years, there are a number of obstacles that prevent them from doing so. As a parent or a student, you may be curious how a residential school differs from a day school in terms of child upbringing. Here are some of the reasons why enrolling in a residential school is the best option.

1.     The child will make lifelong friends

Whether in class, hostel, cafeteria, library, sports, recreational, or leisure time, your child will constantly be surrounded by peers, friends, seniors, and juniors in a residential school. Situations enable your child to form bonds with other children regardless of their age, personal differences, or social class, and students remain friends even after they have graduated from high school. They stay in touch as they progress through their jobs, families, and senior years.

2.     The child will be able to try new things

A student in a residential school will be exposed to a variety of options, some of which may be tough at times. Your child can choose to join in any of these activities, from learning a new language like German, French, or Spanish to learning a new musical instrument for the school band.

3.     Children become responsible and independent

Even though in a residential school the student grows up in a supervised environment, they must still be accountable for themselves and their personal stuff. It will not be as easy or as pleasant as staying at home because you will be living with hundreds of other kids from all across the country. Each student is responsible for their own belongings, which includes everything from toiletries to stationery and books. Children will develop a sense of responsibility at a young age as a result of this.

4.     Self-Discipline

A child who attends a residential school is exposed to a structured and secure environment from the beginning. The day begins with the rising morning bell, which is followed by breakfast, classes, lunch, playground, evening studies, dinner, and finally bedtime. He or she is constantly supervised by a warden, tutor, or teacher, providing a sense of protection and security to the learner.


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