21 Tips For Elderly Care

21 Tips For Elderly Care

Aug 18, 2017, 9:52:09 PM Life and Styles

Are you worried for the elderly people care in your home?

Do you find a lot of issues to understand the old age people?

Are you unable to understand the need of the elderly person in your home?

If you have such kind of dilemmas with the senior person present in your home, you are not the one. There are many people who really find lots of issues in taking care of the old age people.

Old age is a very sensitive stage of a life at which most of the people become helpless and they need a special care and affection of their loved one.

However, nowadays senior in home companionship and care services are also available that offer all possible services for elderly people at their home. So, you may hire them to take care of senior people in the home.

Anyway, if you are able to take care of elderly people in your home, here are the few tips that will really make serving simple and easy. So, let’s know how you can take care of elderly in your home:

1.    Make some changes in house

Keep your house neat and clean so that they could always take breath fresh air. Arrange all the things beautifully as per the need of the elder person. This will help them to find the things easily when you are not at home.

2.    Keep track

If your elder person is tech savvy, you can keep a mobile with them. This will help to have their update each and every hour if you have not installed the camera.

3.    Consult home care health agency

In the case, if you don’t have sufficient time and you need to earn also, you can connect these agencies. These agencies send their care person to take care of your senior person.

4.    Use perfect body language

You should use appropriate body language as per your relation with them whenever you meet. Shake hand, hug or kiss but always be respectful. You should know the way that makes them happy while meeting.

5.    Never use “Do you remember?”

At this old age person usually forget the things, so you should always say “I remember”. This makes them feel that you really understand them which make them happy.

6.    Have control conversation

You can encourage story telling by asking the question about the topics that they discussed earlier with you. However, don’t ask a specific question and let them continue their story.

7.    Bring gift for them

Bring the gifts like old photos of the family when they were young or you can bring the food that they like and are allowed to eat. You may carry another thing that they like most.

8.    Pets and children can be allowed

Elderly people become happy when they see any children or pets. So, you must ask your family members or home care health services that whether a child or pet can be brought near or not.

9.    Allow for walk

Ask elder people to come with you and move outside so that they can feel some changes. You may take them to the nearest park where you can have an entertaining talk while walking.

10.    Check out for regular exercises

It is a fact that regular exercise makes the older people healthy and away from various diseases. So, you should ask the doctor for light exercises that they can perform regularly.

11.    Maintain their privacy

When anyone is in need of assistance, they lose their privacy. If you are assisting them, always take care of their privacy so that their sentiments could not hurt.

12.    Encourage hobbies

Their poor health and vision may make them unable to go through their hobbies. You may ask them their hobbies and could ask them to do that in a safe manner. This will enhance their confidence that can help to heal fast.

13.    Always use the right tone with warm greeting

Don’t allow the visitors to speak loudly or rudely. If they are so, better don’t allow them to move inside. Always try to give a warm hug and then only sit to talk them.

14.    Be attentive with medicines

When they are not in such condition that they could take their own medicine, you should always be alert and should provide them on time. Always use the medicine suggested by the expert doctors.

15.    Get them involved in your decision

They are the eldest person in your home, so you should always ask them before taking any final decision. This is not only a way to take their suggestion but also a way to respect them.

16.    Make friends of their age group

If you find the nearest person of same age group, you can make them do friendship with the senior person in your home. This will help them to enjoy their time by walking together, shopping, playing games and much more.

17.    Always try to eat together

They could never feel alone, so you should eat together with them so that they can spend time with all family members.

18.    Visit frequently

If you are away from them and have hired caregivers, you should often visit them so that you could always beware of their health updates.

19.    Never let them be alone

Always try to provide them companionship whether you are family members or have hired caregivers.

20.    Keep things always positive

It is really tough to keep the things positive when seniors are argumentative or depressed. Anyway, you should make it your goal to keep the things always positive so that they can get well soon.

21.    Make clear communication

Most of the aged people have hearing issues that really make it difficult to communicate perfectly. So, here you may need to raise your sound but need not create shout.

These are the tips that you must follow for elderly care to keep them healthy and away from trouble. However, you can also prefer health care services to higher caregivers. You can perfectly ask them about the care services that you actually need for your aged parent.

Anyway, if you are looking for more information concerning to elderly people in your home, please let us know in our comment box

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