3 Easily-Avoidable Mistakes Recruiters Are Making

3 Easily-Avoidable Mistakes Recruiters Are Making

Mar 20, 2018, 3:03:45 PM Opinion

Although it’s important for any cutting-edge business to takes itself seriously during the hiring process, more of often than not, the procedures set up by hired recruiters make potential candidates feel uneasy and overworked. Indeed, too much preliminary paperwork or an excess of interviews can quickly make any potential employee feel alienated, which can easily stifle your company’s appeal. Luckily, it’s easy to improve one’s hiring procedures, so long if you make recruiters aware of the mistakes they are potentially making; here, then, are some of the reasons your company’s hiring process might be ineffective:

1. The Hiring Process Is Too Exhaustive

If you’re demanding too much of potential hires, it’s not likely that they will want to pursue the position to the best of their abilities. Indeed, they’ll be too exhausted from the job before it even begins! With this in mind, it’s important to keep in mind the differences between having an elaborate hiring process and simply driving candidates to jump through hoops. For instance, mandatory online forms and pre-interview employment tests are counterproductive and do not tend to help companies sift through and find quality hires. Worthwhile talents will, in most cases, be driven away by these unpalatable procedures; in this sense, it’s beneficial to speak with professional recruiters to learn more about what constitutes the difference between appropriate, efficient hiring policies and what is simply annoying and unprofessional.

2. The Hiring Process Takes Too Long

For one reason or another, you’re keeping your shortlist of potential hires on the edge of their seats because you can’t come to some sort of consensus – situations like this are far more common than one would expect. In any case, long, indecisive hiring processes ought to be avoided at all costs, as worthy talents will likely move on to another potential position’s hiring committee, before you even realize they were a perfect fit for your company. Indeed, participants should expect a reasonable timeframe and decisions must be made promptly, despite how tough they may be; this means making an offer as soon as possible.

3. You’re Unsure Of The Company’s Needs

Candidates offer a variety of skills, and it’s often difficult to parse precisely what the needs of your company may be at a given moment. The same vague job ads are then brought out to attract an overwhelming variety of folks, making the hiring process unnecessarily complex before it even begins. In order to avoid this, recruiters need to be privy to precisely what the company would benefit from, lest they hire a generic (i.e. mediocre) employee with an unremarkable work ethic.

Brand reputation can too easily be compromised by a lack of certitude or professionalism on the part of recruiters – namely, those individuals who are ambassadors to the job-seeking public. Fortunately, by keeping a strict timeline and not overdoing the hiring process, your company will be sure to find the talent that it needs in no time at all.

Published by Shubhi Gupta

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