3 Hacks For Finding A Legal Job In Toronto

3 Hacks For Finding A Legal Job In Toronto

Jan 16, 2018, 9:25:32 PM Opinion

Finding a good legal job in Toronto isn’t always a cakewalk, and it requires some strategizing on the part of the job seeker, but with some shrewdness and guidance, it can happen. Before this article launches into its 3 hacks for finding a legal job, it’s useful to give the one, all-embracing piece of advice off the top: hire a legal recruiter. This middleman acts as a bridge between the job applicant and the employer who’s seeking a qualified applicant. Many legal companies are more prone to hiring legal applicants when they apply through a qualified job-hunting service, as legal firms know recruiters – the good ones, at least – and know they can vouch for their applicants. They know that the recruiter will thoroughly review the candidates’ qualifications and references, a job the recruiters are happy to do, since it’s in their vested interest to maintain good relationships with prominent attorneys in their area. So with that tip in mind, let’s delve into exactly how to utilize a legal recruiter in order to hack the job-finding process.

Get Interview Tips From A Legal Recruiter

When trying to find legal jobs in Toronto it is crucial to learn up on proven and up-to-date interview norms, as legal professionals are expected to communicate effectively, conveying their skills and maintaining appropriate professional decorum. A sharp legal recruiter will have valuable advice on how to act while in a legal office or interview, as these experts are paid to know effective strategies for making a solid first impression. And since first impressions often determine how the interviewer perceives the job candidate, interview readiness is especially important for new job seekers.

Learn About The Company

It’s always a wise move to learn a bit about the company. Interviewers want someone truly interested in their offered position, and showing some foreknowledge of the company and details of the position offered demonstrates both enthusiasm and diligence. If you stroll in their without much of a clue as to what the company does, or what makes the firm special, you’ll just appear unmotivated. Engage the interviewer with pertinent questions at appropriate times. A job recruiting service will often give job applicants informative hints about the company or firm to which they’re applying.

Get A Headhunter Working For You

Headhunters work on behalf of clients looking to hire legal professionals, so they’re always looking for eager, motivated candidates – after all, if the candidate is good, it reflects well on the headhunter. It’s not unusual for a headhunter to contact a legal student while still in school; the bottom line is, they want the best. It’s therefore crucial to maintain a good relationship with a headhunter, as these specialists have a lot of pull with companies or firms who decide to hire. These job-readiness experts can also help you reformat a resume to be current, professional and intriguing.

So, there you have it – not as tough it once seemed, hey? By following the overarching tip of hiring a legal recruiter, and then having them offer you interview tips, information on firms and companies, as well as compelling job leads, you’ll be able to hack Toronto’s legal scene in no time.

Published by Shubhi Gupta

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