3 Things to Consider With DIY Website Design

3 Things to Consider With DIY Website Design

Dec 29, 2017, 9:08:23 PM Tech and Science

Even if you don’t have a background in web design, creating a professional-looking, user-friendly site is now well within your abilities. Although web design was once viewed as a specialized field for tech-savvy individuals, things have changed dramatically in recent years. Thanks to innovative companies like Web.com, anyone can craft a fully functional site in a matter of hours. It’s important to note, however, that not all DIY web design services are created equal. Unfortunately, due to the expansive number of options, it can be difficult to navigate your choices and make a smart decision. To ensure that you give your business to a winner, keep an eye out for the following qualities when shopping around for DIY web design companies.

1. Options

A good DIY website service will provide clients with an abundance of options. Any company you give your business to should provide access to an extensive range of templates, fonts and free-use images. As the adage goes, “Variety is the spice of life,” and the more options you have access to, the better equipped you’ll be to turn your vision into a reality. With this in mind, take care to limit your choices to companies that offer an expansive assortment of design tools and imagery. To create a website that flawlessly reflects your personal vision, options should be foremost on your mind when comparing companies.

2. Assistance

Even if you’re a seasoned web design expert, it stands to reason that you’ll require assistance at some point during the design process. This is where responsive customer service comes into play. The company you choose should offer around-the-clock support over the phone and via live chat. This ensures that someone will have your back if you run into trouble, hit a roadblock or need help with a particular tool. Furthermore, the company that wins your business should employ customer service reps who are friendly, knowledgeable and equipped to address a wide variety of issues.

3. Hosting

Once your website has been designed, you’ll need to find a suitable hosting service. Fortunately, some of the best DIY design companies also provide convenient, affordable hosting. In your search for the right hosting provider, you’ll need to prioritize security, storage and customer service. For example, if your site is updated regularly or is home to a large amount of data, abundant storage space is an absolute must. Additionally, if you own an online store or ecommerce website, vigilant cyber security will be needed to protect sensitive info from hackers and other online troublemakers.

If you’ve never put together a website, the prospect of doing so is liable to fill you with dread. However, there’s no need to shy away from web design, especially in the age of DIY websites. Regardless of how little experience you have in the aforementioned field, companies like Web.com make website building a fun and stress-free experience. When seeking out a reliable DIY design company, remember to keep options, assistance and hosting at the very top of your priority list. 

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Jan 17, 2018, 10:52:19 AM

I'd recommend not going with the cheapest possible hosting either! Best to pay a bit more for a quality service.

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