Are you actually making a huge mistake while trying to lose weight?

Are you actually making a huge mistake while trying to lose weight?

Dec 15, 2017, 7:25:55 PM Life and Styles

Are you trying to lose weight but your diet doesn’t seem to work right? Maybe is not the diet that is going wrong. Maybe you are making a large mistake that is not allowing you to achieve the desired results. Many people are not aware of the mistakes they are making because they rely too much on various trackers and measuring methods that are not providing accurate data. For example, the fitness tracker you may use for monitoring your weight loss evolution may actually show that you are burning more calories than you do in reality, which is not something helpful when looking to lose weight efficiently. If you don’t manage to burn more calories than the ones you eat, then it will be very hard for you to lose weight.

  • Not keeping proper track of your calories

Most people consider fitness trackers as extremely useful, as they claim to help them track their calorie intake easier and efficient. But, studies show that this is far from being what you actually get when using fitness trackers. Their calorie estimates can be really off, sometimes as much as 93%, so this may be a valid explanation of why your diet is not working. These trackers use special algorithms to make these estimates, that’s true, but an algorithm is not going to work for each and every person that is trying to lose weight. The number of calories a person manages to burn on a daily basis depends very much on age, sex, muscle mass, weight, and so on, this is why general estimates are so bad.

So, if the fitness tracker you are using shows a certain amount of calories you burned, although in reality you didn’t, and you adjust the quantity of calorie intake according to these values, it is very probable that you’ll eat more calories than you burn. And this won’t lead to weight loss, as it may even lead to weight gain in some cases.

  • What to do instead

Believe it or not, your body has a very efficient calorie tracker built into its system. When you burned too many calories, hunger will appear, asking you to refill the body’s calorie need to continue its daily activities. In order to use your own calorie counter, all you need to do is eat whenever you feel hungry, but not starving, and stop eating when you feel comfortably full, not stuffed with food. Also, you should be able to tell the difference between hunger and cravings. Cravings are those moments when you feel the need to nibble on something, usually unhealthy food, so you need to stay away from cravings.

Using a proper diet, high in fibers, adjusting your diets and being careful at your internal calorie counter, exercising, and using adequate supplements, will be a much better strategy than just relying on fitness trackers, no matter how great they are. Talking about the best fat burners for women and men, garcinia cambogia for women and men is a great option because it was discovered that it promotes the burning of your body fat. This means that your body will constantly be filled with energy without making you feel hungry because it will tap into its own fat reserves rather than just asking for more food.

Published by Shubhi Gupta

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