Handling your feelings isnt your partners job anymore

This blog is precisely targeting today’s relationships. The loving relationship between two individuals should be about care, love, respect, honesty, trust, likes and dislikes, compromise, family but sadly now it is all about excitement in their lives. 

Excitements being over excited in physical involvement, social media show-off, night outs, changing partners when bored of one; which rather should have been sticking to one partner and sharing all love. 

It is not that only the boys who are doing this to the girls but even girls these days are being too practical about everything. This is completely an individual’s choice, but the concern here is people are neither emotionally attached to one another nor are they bothered about what the other person feels. I believe that if you are in a relationship then it should be selfless love from both partners and not one partner giving in his/her 100% and other taking her/him for granted. 

Excitement should exist but not just to show to the world but also between the two hearts. When it comes to supporting each other emotionally, one suddenly becomes too busy for other partner; as there is lack of commitment; it is all about having fun and going with the flow without knowing what it might turned into in future.
The whole idea is to not judge any gender or relationship, but to bring in notice that there is a lack of commitment and not so caring attitude in today’s generation, which does not always work. With all the emotional support, respect, care, trust, and LOVE, one would see the relationship booming in all ways; be it by heart or be it physical.

Once you care about a person, it’s impossible to be logical about them anymore. -Anonymous

Published by Shweta Aggarwal


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