Guiding You Through Custom Debit Cards For Your Employees

Guiding You Through Custom Debit Cards For Your Employees

Jan 5, 2022, 6:51:55 AM Business

Incentivizing your employees is one of the best ways to boost the business as it is directed towards positively enhancing the employee’s morale. When it comes to this, rewarding your customers for their loyalty while increasing the branding can be done through multiple options. Using customized debit cards to incentivize the employee is one of them.


If you are looking forward to giving something to your team, you could easily set up a points-based system. You could also reward them using merchandise or custom travel points, or just write a big fat check with an old-fashioned bonus. Customer loyalty is pretty much important for the success of any business. While all the mentioned points are good, one unique aspect of efficacy is the customized debit cards.

How Is A Customized Credit Card Helpful?


There are many methods of incentives. Take the points system in-house, for example. This will increase the friendly competition while allowing them to come out as a winner. Here the coworkers will connect outside the office environment, and the teamwork will dynamically improve.


However, such an attempt requires one to manage half a dozen different programs within the company across the sectors. The managerial task would become arduous. With each program being different from the other and having close to little room crossover, this may turn into a managerial mess.


Compared to this, the customized debit cards system as an incentive is sleek and smart. Rather than trying to tackle multiple programs all at once, you can show your team and shoppers how much you care for them and their effect on the company. This option is versatile, branded, and streamlined. Hence, you will be able to offer the same rewards to both customers and the employee at the same time. As we said, sleek.

But What Is This Customized Credit Card?


Debit cards relate to having an assigned amount for spending. However, rather than withdrawing the funds in cash, it allows us to transfer them to another account holder.


When it comes to custom cards, it will have a few variations. These are prepaid, reloadable, and virtual cards. Each card comes with its distinction and advantages.


●     Prepaid debit card


When you wish to offer a reward in a fixed manner that has already been determined, this is the card you need to go for. 


●     Reloadable debit card


This card is comparatively on the expensive side. However, it is more versatile as it allows users to use the card again after they get the card reloaded. 


●     Virtual debit card


It is a card that can be stored virtually. You will receive a card virtually rather than having a physical piece of plastic with a 16 digit number printed on the back. All the information related to the card will be mailed to the user.


Ending note:


Now that you know the variations of the customized debit cards and how they can be incentivized, get to it to include them.

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