Where To Get Kefir Grains In India?

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Where To Get Kefir Grains In India?

Nov 10, 2020, 6:13:58 AM Life and Styles

As the popularity of kefir grains India rises, you might want to try it on your family. But you may not know much about how to start, where to buy and how to drink it. A word of caution about purchasing kefir grains: Some shady sellers try to fleece naive customers. So be careful when you buy your grains. We will outline a few ideas to help you find a seller who not only sells kefir but offers expert help if you need some hand-holding Kefir is not available in all cities and towns as of now. So your local store may not carry kefir at all. In some touristy places, a few stores may sell ready to drink kefir drinks. But it is rare to find grains in most areas.

Buy online or at a local store?

In the initial days.

While it is easy to see the grains in person before buying, stores are unlikely to have varieties or the expertise to advice.

One of the easiest places that you can get them from would be the online market. There are a lot of people that are selling kefir grains. In many cases, they can also help you make the right choices.


Several professionals sell kefir online. Many have years of experience with fermenting and offer excellent customer support. The really experienced ones have more than one type of kefir grains on offer. They can provide better guidance on fermenting than a typical store. While buying kefir grains in India, be sure to ask for the size of the grains and if any warranty covers it. Hint: smaller grains are harder to maintain. It is better to have a safety net for your grains than buy them multiple times. So instead of just focussing on the price, look at the quality of the grains, size, and advantages.

Which is the right kefir for you?

Another thing to consider before buying kefir grains in India is the suitability. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right grains for you. Milk kefir is the one. If you are allergic to milk, do not buy milk kefir grains. But if you can drink curd/yoghurt, milk kefir is still a good option. In case you are diabetic, avoid water kefir and go with either milk or coconut water kefir. Coconut water is mild but yet an effective probiotic, especially for people who are recovering from serious illnesses like cancer. There are several things to consider when making this decision. This is where a real expert can guide you towards the best choice.

Making kefir from grains is a straightforward process. There are several videos which show how to make kefir. But be mindful that you make need to follow some modification while making kefir in India. For example, in many places, the temperature reaches 35-40 degrees during summer. In such areas, it is best to ferment for a shorter duration than wait for the whole 24 hours. Some cities have a problem with ants and fruit flies, so it is better to close the fermenting jar with a tight lid than a clothe. Be sure to open your fermenting jars once a day to release the gasses.

By following these simple guidelines, you can get the best value out of your kefir grains in India.

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