An Open Letter to the Parents of a 20-Something Child

An Open Letter to the Parents of a 20-Something Child

Jun 12, 2016, 3:36:23 PM Life and Styles

To all the moms and dads out there lend me your ears for this is the tale of your lost child.

We are in our twenties. We are jaded, infuriated and uncertain. Yes, we are officially everything you didn’t want us to be. We are wriggling in our office chairs because we are not able to decide if we want to pursue highers or work harder to get a promotion. Our lives are now ruled by the “What next?” question.

We spend most of our time commuting to work and at night, we keep reassuring ourselves that things will be fine by dawn. We seize little pride in what we do and often take it hard on ourselves. It`s like we are in the state of trance on a two cross street. We are no more pampered and life is hitting us like a lightening. We are trying to focus, only we wish we know what to!

We find grown-ups boring and kids silly. We are caught in a limbo between adult-child hood. Our love life is either hitting the rock bottom or sailing towards an unknown destination. Long gone are the days when we learned things by making mistakes. But, the social media never fails to remind us how successful one can be in their 20`s. We are trying hard as well.

We are not able to hang out with our friends like before. We are losing people as quickly as falling asleep. Our first ‘I am too old to do this’ has started. We are learning to say ‘No’. We are struggling to afford the lifestyle, we want. We feel lost, bankrupt and lonely. We are on a quest to find ourselves.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for listening to our ranting and rambling. Thank you for your support, no matter what. Thank you for believing in us. Every single mistake that we did in the last 6 years is starting to haunt us. We really don`t understand why we majored in that particular subject or why we fell in love. We are trying hard not to regret.

Our life is filled with uncertainties and we definitely don`t want our marriage to be one. So please don`t push us, when we say we are not ready. We want to be there by your side than in a far off land. So, please don`t be angry when we say we won`t leave the country. You have been there as well, so please do understand us when we say we need time. Maybe we need all the courage we can possibly accumulate to be another you. Please bear with us. We are messed up.

We are trying to identify who we really. We want to earn a fortune and go on a world trip. We really want to follow our dreams. We want to give you the retirement that you truly deserve. We want to be everything they said we won’t be.

Hope you understand, like always.

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Published by Shwetha Ashokumar

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