The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell- Book Review

Rating: 3.5/5

‘The Silent Twin’ by Caroline Mitchell is the third book in the Jennifer Knight series.  Even though I haven’t read the previous two books, I found this story to be a stand alone. There are portions where incidents in Jennifer’s life, which must have happened in the previous stories, are mentioned but nothing that affects the current story. So you can directly jump to the third book if you want.

Abigail and Olivia are twin sisters. While playing Hide and Seek, Abigail goes missing. The parents- Nick and Joanna searches everywhere but in vain. DC Jennifer Knight is appointed as the family liaison officer. She, apart from being a policewoman, also possesses the ability to connect with the ‘other world’- the dead. With the house- The Blackwater Farm, being under the radar for supernatural activity, Jennifer is tasked to find if the disappearance of Abigail is anyway connected to abnormal circumstances. The only lead in the case is Olivia- who doesn’t talk after her sister’s disappearance but when she talks- it’s Abigail talking. Oh yes- you read it right! Olivia has the power to connect to her sister, wherever she is. Jennifer acquires bits and pieces of sentences from Abigail through Olivia to find out where she is. She should also find who is responsible behind this disappearance and if it is the living or the dead.

‘The Silent Twin’ is perhaps my first supernatural read. It took me time to get into the story because of this factor. Jennifer is not a larger than life character. She is an ordinary police officer (sometimes even boring) with a methodical way of investigating the case. The police procedural is written realistically with the investigation taking the needed time. All quarters are covered- forensics, media, family, etc. The hierarchy of power in the police department and the pressure for a result are clearly written as well. The narration is, for most of the time, steady. The language is effective. The author definitely succeeds in getting the heartbeat rise at several portions. It is probably the first time I actually felt the fear of a character. That’s credit to the author.

All the characters come under the radar of suspicion and along with the police, we analyse the characters, their attitudes, their statements and their alibis. The author also pitches in the diary entries of the suspects in between the chapters, which gives deep knowledge into their character and their life.  We feel suspicion and pity for every character at different times. Just when we decide that this particular man or woman could have something to do, the author brilliantly takes them off suspicion. The description of the house is very visually written. There were moments of desperation when I wanted to quickly turn a few pages and get on with the story but, just a very few moments like that.

The Silent Twin is a good read with several thrilling moments. The pace slows down in between but steadies after that. This is my first supernatural read and I enjoyed it a lot.  

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