Utilizing Google Maps to Help You Move

Here’s how to use Google Maps to help you move...

Although many of us have used Google maps at one time or another to navigate our way from one destination to another or to look up the location of a far-flung city in the news, this savvy tool actually has many features that people may not realize. In fact, if you are considering an upcoming move, you will definitely want to explore how Google Maps can help you narrow down a location to move to.

Consider Your Priorities

Before you visit Google Maps, sit down, and think about what the musts are associated with your move. For instance, your new home “must” be affordable, in easy distance of schools, near public transportation, close to your work, and so forth. Many people worry about crime rates, amenities like public parks and shopping centers, and friendly communities. You may want to move to a location that is family-friendly, or you might want to live in a hub known for its nightlife. Whatever the case may be, you will want to consider your priorities as you approach Google Maps to query locations.

Street View

One of the most unique features of Google Maps is its “Street View” that allows you to take a virtual walk around the neighborhoods you want to explore closely. You will need to choose a few communities to explore and then take your virtual tour. As you peruse various neighborhoods, you might want to take a few notes so you can remember certain aspects of each town you liked and certain things you did not care for. You should also find out when the view of your chosen neighborhood was last updated. The Street View tool is convenient because it can help you narrow down several possibilities to just a few.

Explore New Places

One of the latest tools associated with Google Maps is its “explore new places” feature. You can search for new and interesting places in areas that you may be interested to relocate to. If you are relocating from a long distance away, this type of virtual feature is incredibly valuable. In fact, the more time you spend on your virtual tour, the more you will get to know a place and whether or not it will be a good fit for you.

Traffic and Transit Information

You can also count on Google Maps to uncover traffic and transit information. Find out how long it will take you to commute to your job in the city from a given location. You can also navigate various routes to take into work. If you are moving a long distance, you can use Google Maps and its traffic information to plan your moving route, and DFW airport parking. When you find the right movers on a website like TruckPlease, you can pull up Google Maps to agree on a route for your movers to take to your new location.

When you are planning a move, be sure to try using Google Maps to see if its features will enhance your decision-making process. You will definitely have fun exploring your new neighborhood from the comfort of your home.

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