I could have sworn the only people who know me better than I know myself were my mother and my grandmother, that was until I read my biography written by an unknown author who obviously knows me like the back of their hand. I’ve recently developed a new interest in Horoscopes after a conversation with my aunt about believing something. She told me how she questions there being a god because she doesn’t understand her purpose for being here, PREACH! She told me we need to believe in something and encouraged me to figure out what and quick. I expressed my belief in energy, karma, and getting what you put out there.

Putting my faith in the universe, believing in fate and destiny seems more realistic than putting my faith in a man that not only myself but no one else knows. You want me to believe that in about a week a man created heaven, earth, and humans but couldn’t keep out sin and evil? Then regretted  making humans so he flooded earth and killed them ALL, right? Sounds like 1 big ass abortion if you ask me, Hillary Clinton and not very Christian like.

So it’s a coincidence the one chosen to be sacrificed for our sins just so happened to be the son of the “virgin”? Y’all know all this but don’t know if god was white or black with long wool like hair or dreads? Someone earlier showed me a picture of a god who looked as if he’d sacrifice himself if you promised him 72 virgins, so which one is it? Is he Christian, baptist, or Muslim and why is there so many different versions of the bible if there’s only 1 god? Do we all go to the same heaven and is there a heaven for a G?

I’ve given this many thought and wondered if we were given the bible for false hope, just to simply have something to believe in. I read on Facebook the other day an article about blacks not questioning authority or what they’re told resulting in gullibleness and ignorance and attached was a picture of the bible along with a few other things.

So you tell me, what do you believe?

Published by ShylahBoss Lee

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