Chris Brown, is you sears? He ain't sears!!

Chris Brown, is you sears? He ain't sears!!

Chris brown as a little kid, in elementary school, lol I used to have his posters on the wall. My mom bought me the CD, Poster from WalMart and the WordUp magazine. BAHAHA damn those were the good times. So TMZ just said Chris was seen throwing a duffle bag out of a window it had drugs and 2 guns in it. He threw it out the window with police outside his house? Celebrities are dumb as shit sometimes. Truthfully, I stopped listening to him when he bet up Rhianna. I couldn't believe it, NOT RIH RIH! I loved Rihanna ever since unfaithful & take a bow. He think he was f*cked up in the game before, you see the girl accusing him this time? His ASS is grASS, We many not hear from him for a minute. Did he finish his probation? Probation is more so like the bait to hook you before they drag your ass through some shit. Didn't he have a daughter? I find it funny how a lot of the men that hit woman, all had daughters. HHHMMMMMM, better start showing her some appreciation. Karma's a m*tha f*ckin bitch. OMG Harvey just said the girl supposedly said she was gonna set Chris up & say he threatened her. I told y'all these snow bunnies are dangerous, get you an ebony queen. Police never come when we call, LMAO

Extra Extra is on TV & I hate when the Kardashian's are on. Anytime I see Kim & her fake ass I wanna punch myself in the face. I'm a just wait on it because that D to service is going to come one day and i'm going to get my chance. We wont have to struggle no more momma! Bum Broke ass Tyga & Kylie are shopping for a car while their Lamborghini or something was getting repossessed. WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES N*GGA?! Ugh, these bitches are hella rich & for what? Your dad helped in the OJ case & you helped give Kardashian's a bad name. I don't get it. I can't do porn though, I've thought about it because that's where the money is, but I mentioned earlier, Keep it Classy. My best friend did porn &  she's a nastybitch, i'm not going to lie, so she was making really good money. Me on the other hand, I'm going to have problems because i'm shy, i'm a baby & imma cry. It'll go from LowBudget pron to GhettoGaggers in like 2.4 seconds. EWWWW I cant believe I just mentioned that, a client made me watch that with him. SCARED ME FOR LIFE

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