Crazy in love

download-12I’m not sure if this is a female thing, a Gemini thing, or a personal thing but I’m crazy! I’ve said it so many times and that’s because it’s true, no sense in lying about it. Someone told me I’m not crazy, I’m just not expected to pop off and snap the way I do. They said I’m little and appear to be sweet so people expect me to act like a lady. I’m very lady like but I can and will show my ass.

I have ZERO tolerance for stupid shit and BULLSHIT! I’m not just going to sit around and be someone’s doormat, I’m not just going to accept anything someone wants to put me through, nor am I gonna take disrespect. If a woman sits there and takes it, she’s weak but when she stand up for herself she’s crazy? I don’t get it, can somebody explain this to me?

images-13This is America and it’s 2016, women can speak up for themselves but even if we couldn’t, I still would. You will go through bullshit if you allow people to put you through bullshit. I went through enough with my ex and I think I deserve some peace and happiness, don’t you? Now I’ll admit, when it comes to someone I love, I can get crazy. My new boo and I had a little altercation because I felt I was being disrespected and to my surprise, it was easily resolved.

Like myself, he’s the type of person that prefers to resolve an issue when it arises. My ex would prefer not to discuss anything when he did something wrong (let him tell it he’s never wrong so what the hell am I talking about), but when HE FELT I was wrong, oh let’s talk about it and let’s beats me down for about it for 5 hours, download-13smh. Every time I realize something about my new boo that’s different from my ex, I swear it makes me fall harder for him.

download-10I was starting to think all men were assholes, dogs, liars, and cheaters and it feels good to know otherwise. I told my boo that I was crazy and I’d kill him and he told me he already knew this and he wasn’t going anywhere. He asked me why was I being so difficult and I told him I’m a Gemini and he said he loves that but I need to chill out. LMAO! I probably do, but that’s why I’m blogging. You guys are my escape from my bittersweet reality.

How was your day?

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