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It's Saturday, & like everyone else with a job I should be happy, ECSTATIC even. I love my job because everyday is pay day, but Friday's & Saturday's are like working double overtime or on a holiday, well it used to be. I don't understand these hoes nowadays, claiming to be an escort but acting like a hooker. I'm from California, if I know anything its hookers, and coke but we're not gonna go there right now. I thought a hoe was a girl running around screwing any & everybody for nothing. A hooker screws any and everybody for close to nothing and an escort, when she is screwing someone, Its for something. She understands the power of the P.U.$.$.% and she's not wanting for nothing, that money can't buy. Upscale Provider, I only cater, accompany, or visit UPSCALE professionals. For those who don't know what upscale means, think of it like this; If you worked in Walmart department store, you cant afford my time, but Jerry from corporate, with the office on the 20 floor, he can. Notice how I've said PROVIDER, and not hoe, whore, or even escort? Provider's provide a service, They need to add love or companionship to the industry list. Is a prostitute and a hoe the same thing? What I hate about what I do, is anyone can claim to do it. So many $50 hoes have given “upscale” such a bad name, most people doubt me until they meet me and witness me in action. First of all, there's nothing upscale about $50, and that's why i'm always throwing shade at these hoes. When most people think of an upscale provider, they imagine a white girl or one those snobby ass stuck up black girls. I feel white people look at me & their like “OOH, a pretty black girl” then they hear me talk and their like. “OH SHIT, SHE PUT THAT SENTENCE TOGETHER CORRECTLY”
 Being a black woman is much like being a black man in America. They hate us too, we're the blame for raising you thugs, smh. we're ugly, we apparently resemble monkeys and they try to keep us down too. When I was growing up, I had Barbie's, babies, CPK, & everything else, ALL WHITE WITH STRAIGHT HAIR. It wasn't that much of and issue then (My grandma would take me to get my hair pressed) but of course I wondered why my Barbie could get her hair washed in the bath but I couldn't. The Seeds LADY NEXT DOOR would let me play with some of her dark black dolls but never the ones I considered cute (light skinned) ever since my mom beat her up. We have hair products by dark & lovely but how many black girls even wear their hair? I don't think my hair is lovely, it's a hot ass mess, lol so thick and course. I don't even like to deal with it. A black client made me feel like shit when he said by wearing weaves I was trying to be like a white woman. WHAT?! Wrong, i'm trying to be me. Never in my life have I tried to be a white woman. First of all I'm too dark to be a white woman. In 7th grade my aunt told me, “you don't have to look like the girls in the magazines. the girls in the magazines dont even look like the girls in the magazines.” When I was 18 I wanted to go get butt shots and my mom was COMPLETELY against it. She said my generation is so lost it's sad. They (i'm assuming the media) talks bad about us, ( they still say Serena Williams looks like a man) but then glorify these white woman with lip injections, fakes butts and boobs, and tans trying to look like who? BLACK WOMAN. My black is beautiful. I've been known that, but I don't think these hoes do. Maybe if they knew their worth and stopped selling them selves short, who knows what could happen. When one black girl has a 40 special, that makes the value of ALL black girls go down.
Why must we make gaining respect so hard yet we've made it so easy for them to keep us down and degrade us? Do we not come from Kings & Queens? We're strong, even when we're weak physically we're strong emotionally, mentally. We're able to endure much more than the average person. I said in a blog awhile back how when father's are absent, who is it that steps up and takes on both roles? THE BLACK WOMAN! I was told the government wants us to kill ourselves, I'm not sure how true it is, but I can believe it. You see a black mother with kids, you automatically assume 2 things & correct me if I'm wrong:
                                     1.Each child has a possibly has different father                             
                                      2.The mother has Ebt, WELFARE, or section8
Now, while that may be the case, sometimes, why does that have to be the first thing that comes to mind when seeing a black mother. I asked a friend what they thought when they see a black mother with kids and they said, “she has her hands full” and she does. I don't think single mothers get enough credit. When I see any single mother, especially a black one, I see strength, courage, dedication. Its hard to raise a family on your own, but I thought that was the purpose of government assistance. I, personally don't care too much for it and I feel like my mother about using or even asking for it but that's because of how bad people talk about it.
 I dated this Haitian boy while in Florida whose mother said, “look at her tattoos and piercings, she probably gets food stamps” when in fact I worked for the Veterans affairs, and wasn't eligible for it, how she feel? When working at a call center there, everyone had a conversation about our president who they referred to as “NoBama” as if I wasn't sitting right there. I don't understand where their hate was coming from because they were bragging about having Medicaid. How do you own this business, live in one of the richest areas here, drive a Lexus but have Medicaid and food stamps. I'm all over the place with this, maybe I should stop…

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