Hell to pay

I've never been more hateful in my life. Anybody that owe me ANYTHING better pay me. There really is a thin line between love and hate, but you crossed it. Love ain't got shit to do with this. It's bout to be hell to pay. All love is lost and I'm showing no mercy. I had a conversation w/ my ex about acting 27 & not 7. When I felt my point didn't get across, I wrote the blog titled "Was I wrong" & he's mad at me for not defending  him. How?!! When I'm asking for a man point of view? I asked was I mean? Did I say it too harsh? The only thing he focused on was I let someone speak about his penis. Went way over his head, but the nerve he had to break my shit because My ride didn't appear 5 seconds after he told me to leave? What a pussy ass bitch. Mad that a real man voiced his opinion and you didn't like it? Well sucks for you ! You didn't care about my feelings when you lied to my face, talked shot about me and lied on me. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee


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