#TB on a Sunday

#TB on a Sunday

The past 6 months have been ROUGH as hell for me. Mainly just dealing with my ex, by far the WORST relationship I’ve ever been in. When I wrote this when I was fed up with the disrespect and starting to believe that I actually did deserve better. Thanks to the support of a lot of you, I decided to take out to trash and make room for new blessings, as someone told me. When you’re in a situation where you’re constantly being told you ain’t shit, you being to feel worthless. I hate to say that I began to feel as if I didn’t deserve any better. I needed your constant reminders that I deserved better and I was worth more than I was receiving.img_0003-edited

Currently, I’m in a situation with a comedian, oooh! Lol, he’s hilarious and always has me smiling. He never calls me out my name and makes me feel amazing! He constantly reminds me I’m special and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in the world. While I’m glad to be out of hell, I don’t regret any decisions I made to land me there. It took for someone to completely mistreat me for me to realize my own self-worth and start loving myself, now I have someone who loves me more than that trash EVER could!

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