You smell that.... BULLSHIT?!

You smell that.... BULLSHIT?!

download-6You know what I hate? Talkers! People who are always saying what they want to do or what they can do but never do it, especially for me. What was the point of saying all that then? I’m a firm believer of actions speak louder than words and my favorite response to talkers is, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT BE ABOUT IT. My Grandpa would always say, “If you can’t take a man for his word, that man ain’t shit” and he’s never lied to me.images-1

I just got off the phone with someone who asked if I was done with them and I’m unsure as to why they would ask such a thing being that I’ve been done with them. I will always be their friend, but I can’t be in a relationship with them because they try selling me a dream then have every excuse possible as to why that dream turned into a nightmare.

My ex was the same way and I can’t stand these kinds of people. They’re sneaky, they lie and nothing’s ever their fault. I’m probably the easiest person possible to get along with, all you have to do is be real and honest with me. Is that so hard? I’ll never understand why or how people can lie so much as if  it’s their second language. What does lying do for you? Yea people MAY believe it, but once they find out you’re lying that trust is broken. You don’t have to lie to kick it and you damn sure don’t have to lie to me. Especially if you need, lying is the worse thing you could ever do. I don’t trust liars, I don’t need liars and will NEVER respect a liar.

downloadOn another note, SHY GOT A MAN Y’ALL! OMG! I think I may have told you already but I’m telling you again because I’m so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling having someone make me feel as good as I make them feel and it’s even more gratifying to make someone as happy as I make them.

With my ex, he would have nothing but nice things to say to me at first but always had to end our day with how I ain’t shit. Maybe he isn’t shit because my man is constantly pointing out all these amazing qualities about me. I’m starting to think I may be perfect, or maybe I’m just perfect for him, lol.images-6

So how was your Halloween?

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