I was talking to a friend awhile back when they said something I never agreed with until now. He said I put myself in a position for people to disrespect me because of my line of work. How? If I'm educated, demanding respect and not tolerating it, I didn't get it. I'm not your average escort, my whole operation is completely different. First of all, I'm not cheap AND I travel. So the further away from home I go, the more it cost. I only deal with upscale, NO EXCEPTIONS! There's a screening process that about 25% don't pass and that 25% isn't including the men who choose to not do the screening, in which case they're not able to see me. So compared to your average $50 hoe, I get a lot less business and STILL make more than her. Most girls are having sex with their clients, not me! I was taught you don't have to open your legs, or your mouth, to make money. I can't tell my secrets, so i can't say too much. I'm not out here scamming people either, i'm not a thief. I could never steal from someone, especially someone i don't know. Awhile back i had referred to myself as a dream seller, i am. For someone to be calling an escort, they're missing something. Everybody needs love and most people calling me are either married and not receiving it or they're alone causing them to not get it. Either way they ain't getting it, and when i say love i don't mean sex!! I talk with my clients and get to know them, they get to know me too. The married ones, for example, express their dissatisfaction at home and with their wives. They're not going to get a divorce, and that's where i come into play. I'm not a complete homewrecker though, I've worked with clients and helped mend marriages. I don't deserve respect? Since when did a job determine whether or not you were respectable? How about just respect me because i'm a person, or a woman?! I had a client call me while i was on a call, and i texted them to let them know i was in a meeting (decline call text thing) and they responded, "On your back?" Okay bitch! 

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