Meghalaya: The Forgotten North East Indian State

Meghalaya: The Forgotten North East Indian State

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Meghalaya is the forgotten north-eastern Indian state. It is home to the Khasi and Jaintia tribes, and offers a unique look into India's past. Meghalaya offers a plethora of natural beauty, with forests, mountains, and canyons. The capital city of Shillong also boasts of some great historical buildings and cultural attractions. If you are interested in exploring India's forgotten north-east corner, then read on for my top 3 tips for visiting Meghalaya!

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What you need to know before visiting

Meghalaya is an Indian state in the North-east of India. It is bordered by Bangladesh to the east, and shares borders with the states of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland to the south. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong.

The state's forests and caves are home to some wildlife like tigers, elephants, however these animals are endangered due to poaching and deforestation. Meghalaya has a population of about 3.4 million people, with a majority being tribal Khasi people who speak a language known as Khasi. This is one of the few remaining groups of hunter-gatherers in India.

Meghalaya - The Land of Many Rivers, Mountains, Lakes and Tribal People

Meghalaya is a land of many rivers, mountains, lakes and tribal people. Meghalaya is also known as ‘The Abode of the Clouds’ for its many high peaks and low hills that adorn it’s landscape.

One interesting fact about this state receives the highest rainfall in India. The maximum temperature recorded during summer was 46 degrees Celsius while the minimum was 5 degrees Celsius.

The Jaintia Hills are covered by dense forest that provide habitat to many kinds of wildlife including tigers, elephants, rhinos and leopards.

The region has a number of lakes and waterfalls as well as numerous caves and underground rivers. Meghalaya has more than 500 rivers and streams that flow throughout the region.

Discover Meghalaya

Meghalaya package is unlike any other place in India. It has a rich history, beautiful sites, and diverse wildlife. You can explore the Shillong Plateau or visit some of Meghalaya's amazing national parks!

One thing to do as a tourist: Go on an elephant safari! Elephants are Meghalaya's most visible symbol and are found in the forests here. It's a wonderful experience riding one of these majestic creatures through the forest. There are also Meghalaya tour packages that take you around the city on a tour while learning about its culture and history.


Another thing to do when you're visiting is trekking through the forests on foot or jeep. A good trek can let you see some of Meghalaya's natural beauty up close and personal with no distractions from moving vehicles or people.

Interesting Facts About Meghalaya

·         Meghalaya is located on the Indo-Bangladesh border and shares many cultural similarities with Bangladesh.

·         The state has witnessed a rapid development in recent times with tourism being one of the important sectors.

·         Meghalaya is also known as ‘The Abode of the Clouds’ for its many high peaks and low hills that adorn it’s landscape.

·         Meghalaya is rich in biodiversity and rich fauna, not just flora. It is home to large mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds.


·         Meghalaya group tour has natural resources like coal, limestone, graphite, sandstone and quartzite that are used for industrial purposes across India.


·         One remarkable thing about this state is its demographic diversity with a population of over 34 major tribes living here together along with other ethnic groups like Bengalis and Anglo-Indians.

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