When I Realized Change Doesn't Start with Us, It Starts with Me.

When I Realized Change Doesn't Start with Us, It Starts with Me.

Sunday during church, specifically during corporate prayer, God revealed something to me, something I've heard probably a million times having been raised in church. But this Sunday it hit me in my core. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I've been meditating on the state of our nation more during this crazy election. Either way, I was all at once in awe and convicted. 

The pastor referenced a scripture passage in 2 Chronicles 7:14, in which God was urging the people to return to him in repentance. I was praying for our nation, that WE would turn our hearts to God, that WE would go back to Him as a nation. There's not anything wrong with that prayer, but that's when it hit me... What does turning back to God as a nation look like?

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. [ 2 Chronicles 7:14]

A nation doesn't turn back to God as a whole. We don't wake up one day and look out our windows and take a deep breath, exclaiming "Ah, our nation finally turned back to God" without having lifted a finger.

The change doesn't start with the Nation, the change starts with ME.

During prayer, my heart ached for this nation and in that moment I felt the Holy Spirit urging ME to turn to him, personally. I can't rely on the nation to turn back to God if I myself am not consciously turning to him every moment. If I'm not humbling myself in prayer before God every day, how do I expect the nation as a whole to turn back to Him?

I haven't been running from God at all, but I have been comfortable which is almost just as bad. I go about my day, praying often, yet never consciously submitting everything to God.

We make choices all the time, and every day we will be inevitably faced with opportunities when we will need guidance from the Holy Spirit. If we let those moments pass us by without acknowledging God, then we aren't turning to Him. It's as easy as that. I haven't been waking up and deciding "I am not going to turn to God today." It's happened more discretely than that. It happens in the little moments, when I have a split second to respond to something; when I have a split second to make a choice, and I make the choice before giving it to God.

How this applies to you

This epiphany is relevant, given that the election just took place. So many of us are looking for a president to fix the mess that we are in. But guys, no president will fix this. No governor will fix this. No congress will fix this. We have to. We meaning you. We meaning me. I have to personally take responsibility every single day for every action: from buying a cup of coffee, to my interactions with people, to driving a gas-fueled vehicle, to shopping at corporate stores, to voting. We have to start thinking about everything we do and the impact we have. Where does my coffee come from? And why? Is this fair-trade? If it's not, what does that imply? What kinds of trade-policies am I supporting? What kind of foreign policy is this supporting?

Everything we do has a greater impact than we realize.

It seems like a big burden to carry, honestly, but this is our duty as U.S. citizens. It's time for us to stop putting all of our hope and trust in a single president to magically fix all of our problems. It's time to stop depending on the government to do the work for us. We have to take responsibility for OUR mess. Before we can ever shake our fists at the government about the US debt, for example, we should check our own bank accounts. How much responsibility have YOU taken to fix the situation you are in?

No matter who the president is, the US will still wake up day after day with the same issues we've had for the past decade. It's up to ME and it's up to YOU to start being extremely pro-active and conscious of our every day lifestyles. It's time for me and you to start taking responsibility of our actions and working for the betterment of our nation. It's time for me and you to turn our hearts to God in every moment. The time is now.

Published by Sierra Leeper

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