When we talk agile we are thinking, agile processes like Scrum, Extreme programming, crystal and Adaptive Software development. The selection for any of these processes varies depending on the nature of  project or system you are developing.

Have you ever started a project, or started working on a system/software/application only to encounter problems you thought you had planned for, but not sure how they still surfaced, I have, and trust me it’s really frustrating. it goes without saying, this can be demoralizing depending on the stage in development or or far into the project you might be.

So in light of that how can you or your organisation decrease development or project execution  overhead while maintain responsiveness and extreme effectiveness?

How can focus be put on delivering high end software products or managing projects while maintaining people as the strongest components of the process?

To achieve  predictive delivery, greater flexibility, better quality and probably faster turnarounds depending on your idea of results, Agile approach just might be the way to go.

Agile has many definitions and explanations, so in regards to that i will just offer a summary that i believe will help whoever is reading this post to find a ground understanding based on their opinion.

“Agile can mean being able to move quickly and easily. but in our case it is used in relation to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans as situations change .”    

This Methodology is based on iterative development, in which requirements and solutions evolve constantly. Agile is so much needed as per the recent shifts in the technological landscape.

So whether you are developing a Mobile Application, a PC software, or working on a web project, following an Agile approach can address the different skillsets of the players(developers, programmers, project team), the use of the tools involved, the change in client’s needs(which i should say are very important for project success or product completion) and finally the change in resources as the project goes on or during the development progress.

Agile’s rigorous testing and team effort required is also something to marvel about. with agile methodology one can literally make amendments at any stage of a process be it for development or a project.

And now with the coming of UX(User Experience), user preferences, demands and unique needs are almost but a moving target, not to mention risk. this therefore calls for Agile which allows teams and Individuals to alter the course of a project or application/software development based on the changing situation.

As Josiah Renaudin Mentions in his article, Adapt or Fail: Why Mobile Development and Testing Need to Be Agile ;-

Mobile projects need to adjust to changing consumer needs while being responsive to the demands of businesses that commission mobile projects, and agile gives teams this freedom.” in regards to adopting Agile for Mobile Application Development.

As a young Programmer/ Developer growing steadily in the IT field, i value tools and solutions that help me achieve my goals at maximum success with a minimum cost, friction and risk,thus reading up on Agile greatly extends my repertoire of applicable skills.

Gone are the days when a turn in the events of a project or system development mean't coming to a standstill, restarting a project and if a lot had been invested in it, losses where called, project shut down and people held responsible. now all you have to do is restructure, look back, make adjustment and follow a new path where necessary without worrying too much....

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