40 Plus Women Come Make a Fashion Statement with the Best Tops to Pair with Leggings

40 Plus Women Come Make a Fashion Statement with the Best Tops to Pair with Leggings

Feb 6, 2019, 11:11:36 PM Life and Styles

Most women love to wear leggings simply because they are incredibly versatile and comfortable. Leggings have faced a lot of controversies regarding its legitimacy. However, most women and even young girls love to wear leggings and regard them as an integral part of their lives and a wardrobe essential for day-to-day use. You could look chic and stunning in cute leggings outfits in everyday life instead of restricting your leggings to just your workout life.

Important Things to Remember While Choosing a Top with Your Leggings

As per https://www.fabulousafter40.com, “Leggings are lighter and thinner than skinny jeans and pants, so they’re more revealing. Because of this, you need to have some long tops to wear with leggings. By long I mean, long enough to cover your bum and your crotch. This is true at any age and particularly over 40.” Here are some points to remember:

  • It is best to choose a pair of leggings that are made of a nice and thick material so that they are opaque.
  • Pair your leggings with eye-catching accessories to elevate the overall look of the leggings outfit.
  • Opt for longer leggings instead of cropped ones if you are looking for a relatively more finished look.
  • Wear the right type of underwear. Make sure that others are not able to see your panty lines.
  • You may wear an oversized cardigan or a loose-fitting top with a pair of tight body-hugging leggings for creating a balanced look.
  • Wear a top that is long enough to cover your rear. The idea is to look elegant and feminine.
  • Always keep in mind that leggings are not supposed to be pants and that they must be worn as you love them for what they are. They must not be worn as a substitute for your pants.
  • Create the layered look while sporting a pair of nice and attractive leggings for adding more dimensions and instilling the oomph factor.

Exploring an Array of Tops with Leggings for the Ultimate Diva Look

Oversized Chambray Shirt

You may try teaming your leggings with a tunic-length oversized chambray shirt. You may create a layered look by adding a neutral cardigan to this ensemble. This should help in adding a whole new dimension to the leggings outfit and make the overall look more stunning and fascinating.  It is best to team up your outfit with boots to distract the attention from the fact that you are actually wearing leggings instead of the pants.

Plaid Tunic All Buttoned Up

If your plaid shirt is long enough it is a good choice for partnering with your sexy leggings. If you wish to create an ultra-comfortable and a casual laid-back look, team it up with a pair of sneakers. But if you wish to elevate the overall look, try wearing riding boots and some eye-catching accessories.

Unbuttoned Plaid Shirt

Try to experiment with your look each time you are sporting a pair of hot leggings. You may try to create an all-new look by teaming your leggings with an unbuttoned plaid shirt and a vest or tunic underneath to create a really super cool look. You could consider adding a sweater vest for a more well-defined layered look to the usual leggings and combine it with riding boots to take your style to the next level. You may choose from an exclusive selection of leggings for women online.

Asymmetrical Tops

You may team up your favorite leggings with smart designer asymmetrical tunics which are relatively lower at the back as compared to the front, or the top’s front could be angled and slightly longer on one of its sides etc. These amazing asymmetrical tops could be adding an element of drama and a touch of magic to your overall leggings look. You may try gorgeous asymmetrical tops with a pair of classy faux leather leggings and stunning black suede booties. Be ready to steal the show even at forty.

Long Blouses & Shirts

To create a nice and elegant look, wear a long shirt all buttoned up and wear it over your leggings but keep it casual. You could wear chic black leggings with a bold striped shirt and maybe a pair of elegant suede pointy-toe flats. The best type of long shirts to partner with your usual leggings is actually the shirtdresses. Often shirtdresses look too short for wearing them alone; you could then wear a pair of sexy leggings instead to create a chic look.

Oversized Sweaters & Cardigans

You could consider wearing a long sweater or cardigan to create the right balance between the tight leggings and the loose-fitted oversized sweaters or cardigans. You must remember that one of the best ways of teaming your favorite pair of leggings is wearing it with an oversized statement sweater. You could opt for a sweater that comes in a fascinating texture and provides a flattering shape. You could wear a statement sweater with a pair of black leather leggings and team up the outfit with a nice pair of snakeskin mules that complement perfectly with your urban gal look.

Tops to AVOID with Leggings

Short Waist-Length Tops

Short tops do not look nice with ultra-thin leggings. They could still work better with thick leggings but they would really look nice on young girls and teenagers who could flaunt perfectly chiseled bodies. Maybe you are still in great shape but it looks far more distinguished and sophisticated to wear slightly long tops with your leggings if you are a middle-aged woman. It is better not to appear that desperate to look like a teenager.

Baggy Tops

It is best to avoid baggy tops as they look pretty sloppy when teamed with your pair of leggings. It is a good idea to wear legging with tops that sit perfectly on your shoulders and sleeves should not go down beyond your wrists. We all know that a little volume could look casual and cool but baggy tops with leggings look really sloppy.


Who says you cannot look hot past your 40s? You still could look super cool and immensely chic if you choose the right outfits that are not only comfortable but also, create a unique and attractive look. Try combining the tops discussed above and see for yourself how incredibly fashionable you could still look. 

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