Beautify your home with these 8 housekeeping tips

Beautify your home with these 8 housekeeping tips

Feb 11, 2019, 6:05:34 PM Life and Styles

We often come across expressions like these which indicate that home is perhaps somewhere our heart finds peace. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that homes are a sanctuary providing people an opportunity to escape from the busyness of the world. Our home embodies how we see ourselves. That is why the décor of a home requires thorough reflection and thoughtful choices. Have you ever observed that when you walk into some homes, you instantly feel welcomed? And it is not only because of the company or the interiors, but there is something authentic and genuine about that place.

It is not always compulsory that a person spends a fortune for their home décor. Instead, a few simple housekeeping tricks and tips can help them weed off the dull sensation from their space. Adding up a little color, a bit of personality and quick replacement of some items can make a world of difference in the homes.

Here are some of our ideas to beautify your homes without a lot of hassle:



  1. Clean your home

The key to giving your home a polished look is to clean it regularly. It is easy and costs nothing.  Add up a few things in your routine like make up the bed every morning and load the dishwasher before going to bed. Also, use organizers for storage and bug proof spray in cracks and yards. These are the basic cleaning efforts that everyone must make to revive the original look of their home every day. You can make cleaning a fun activity with your family members by competing with them and allotting each person a set of chores.

  1. Fresh paint

We believe that neutral colors add a touch of sophistication to the home. But there is something about bold colors that make us feel like the room has come right out of a magazine cover. A bright blue wall in the living room or pops of yellow and red in the bedroom changes the entire outlook. Even if you can’t paint the whole house, try painting a wall in your kitchen or the living room and see the difference. Color is indeed an easy way to beautify your home and one that immediately makes it fresh and new.

  1. Declutter

Whether you take it as downsizing or simplifying your life, decluttering your home is a necessity. You must get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. It makes space for other things, the organization becomes easy, and cleaning gets a whole lot easier. You do not need any fancy tool to declutter your home. Just take some baskets and sort out the trash, things that need recycling and the ones that you can donate. A feeling of liberation envelopes you once decluttering ends.

  1. Indoor plants

A touch of greenery is essential to give a sense of life and vibrancy to your home. This addition does not only elevate the beauty, but the indoor plants also purify the air and keep you healthy. These offset the impact of chemicals released by the plastic and finishes in your house. It doesn’t matter if you are living in an apartment,  you can turn it into a green zone, too.

  1. Embrace natural light

Natural light is desirable for human health. If you’ve got windows and a balcony, don’t be afraid to use them for beautifying your homes. It makes every room feel relaxing and open. It also tends to make things easier for the overall design scheme. Some homes can enjoy an abundance of natural light whereas some may only have limited exposures. However, one must use it in every way possible. Find the right curtains and shades for your rooms to eliminate the pale, dark look.



  1. Replace the tiles

Tile is an element of a cohesive design. Be it your kitchen or the bathroom; tiles can spice up space with their colors and texture. They act as bases that lay the groundwork and enrich the room’s design to glow.

  1. Clean the bin

Instead of letting rubbish pile up into a stinking mess, get into the habit of tidying up the recycle bin often. A quick wipe down of the bin from the inside every time you take out the garbage will keep it clean and hygienic. Or you can go for the de-stinking method using lemon. Swipe lemon rinds through the disposal can and follow by rinsing with cold water to get rid of sour odors. Additionally, make sure that garbage does not pile up at every corner of the house. For this purpose, place small bins in every bedroom and bathroom.

  1. Add texture

Whether you go for the throw pillows, or area rugs or cozy blankets, textile breaks up a room and enhances the visual interest. Choose textile carefully. Make sure that it goes with the overall theme of the place. And once you start using it, wash or clean it regularly to get rid of bad odor and dust that gathers over it.

Our homes are important to us. Despite how workaholic a person is and how much they love to hang out with their friends, home is the only place where they feel comfortable. It’s interiors are a genuine reflection of the taste and nature of the inhabitants. It also sheds light on their values, culture and sophistication levels. Hence, you must work to clean your home every day and beautify every corner of it.  

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