Beneficial Characteristics and Bad Habits a Writer Must Know

Beneficial Characteristics and Bad Habits a Writer Must Know

Dec 12, 2018, 8:57:55 PM Opinion

It does not matter if a person’s chief objective is to fabricate a great short story or submit articles to a well-known website; he or she must try cultivating certain essential characteristic traits, and break a few major bad habits immediately because doing so would bring forth unimaginable prosperity. Know more regarding this by checking out the following write-up.

Characteristics of a Successful Writer

  • Great writers are noted for being extremely cautious observers. They always pay maximum attention to the happenings around and continue taking mental notes. Owing to such a trait, no details are missed, special touches added, and even the smallest grammatical error spotted when reading through.


  • Individuals can never expect to become a well-known writer if they do not have the capability of distilling complicated thoughts and notions into clear language, which others can scan as well as comprehend easily. This particular quality helps them seamlessly handle densest subject matters. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing?


  • Writers must adopt a disciplined approach because only then can they hope to excel in their endeavor. Aren’t we all aware of the popular adage- ‘Practice makes a man perfect’? Thus, rather than neglecting requests for improvement and suppressing criticisms arrogantly, a writer must evaluate his or her work constantly.


  • None of the modern-day readers would like to go through the same words repeatedly; hence, building a powerful vocabulary is of utmost significance. Incorporating unusual and interesting terms would refine any piece to a great extent. Having said that, one must not try making a write-up unnecessarily complex by adding excessively ornamental phrases or jargon.

Bad Habits a Successful Writer Must Break

  • An aspiring writer must never stop reading because analyzing newer forms of content every day is extremely important. Disregarding the said habit can however never let him or her to achieve a definite rhythm and get rid of ill-constructed sentences or clunky paragraphs. 


  • Not creating a proper creative routine can also adversely impact one’s work to a great extent. This is because if practicing writing, in the same manner, every day can provide a series of excellent benefits. Starting from making the transition easy to keeping procrastination at bay- the list is noted for being quite extensive.


  • Many writers edit while fabricating a piece and this is something they must stop doing right away. If you pause and rewrite a single sentence more than once, the entire flow is unfortunately obstructed. Consider revising only after the first draft is ready.


  • It is quite natural to not enjoy a negative feedback but believe me no matter how harsh it sounds, such comments can actually benefit you, thus, stop reacting poorly to them. Criticism offers writers with the opportunity to learn more about a specific topic, and motivate them to perform optimally.

Keeping the aforementioned discussion in mind would most surely allow you to flourish in more than one career readily available such as of a creative copywriter, editor, news reporter, blogger, social media manager, etc. without much hassle. 

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