Car Accidents: A Brief Discussion on Faults and Liabilities

Car Accidents: A Brief Discussion on Faults and Liabilities

Mar 13, 2018, 5:13:14 PM Opinion

An amalgamation of varied factors is required for determining who is actually responsible for the varied injuries and damages that occurs from an automobile accident. For instance, you might be found accountable even after getting severely hurt due to clash with a motorist cutting off at a street turn if you made an unlawful lane change or were speeding up. The decision regarding payment of compensations would depend entirely upon the well-defined motor vehicle acts instead of conventional decrees.

Here I have tried to explain the correct connotation of ‘fault'with reference to common law and transportation codes in car accidents because it stands different from all other kinds of claims. If you are interested regarding this, please do buy some time and go through the following write-up. 

Common Law

Common Law is noted for recognizing three stages of fault that leads to a car accident:

  • Negligence is inadvertent or thoughtless conduct on the part of a driver.
  • Recklessness is a driver’s intentional disregard for welfare and safety of others.
  • Strict liability could be imposed in cases where a driver is found carrying hazardous products like explosive chemicals in the car or performing dangerous activities while on road.

Even though establishing fault is more or less easy when the concerned individual engages in deliberate transgression, things tend to become complex if both the motorists involved in the mishap stands to be guilty. In such a situation, intervention from the state law is needed.

Transportation Codes

Every notable state is known to pass diverse laws for controlling the way in which individuals operate their cars on public roads. A large number of statutes included here are nothing but modified versions of the common law, the rest being an outcome of legislative initiative. It is extremely necessary to remember that not adhering to any of these rules would be considered carelessness or the ‘proximate cause’ of an accident and affect the liability quotient. For instance, the act of not wearing helmets. Now the simplest way of applying ‘proximate cause’ would be to see if the accident would have taken place regardless of the violation.

I have lately witnessed a car accident at Miami Gardens and the first thing that the parties involved did was to contact an attorney, in order to accurately perceive the case and fabricate strategies for providing his or her clients with favorable outcomes. Seeking professional assistance is required for detecting who was violating laws and being negligent as well as the possibility of covering the losses.

Now as there are many lawyers readily available and each claim to provide best services at affordable rates, it becomes extremely challenging as well as time-consuming to choose the best among the lot. Prior to hiring, make sure to see if the one you are opting for has adequate experience, credible reputation in the market, profound knowledge on varied domains of the legal sector, and is proficient. Doing so would most certainly let you have the best lawyer and get justice at the end. Click here for buying a cheapest new car

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