Celebrating Solar Eclipse 2017 with Some Great Merchandise

Celebrating Solar Eclipse 2017 with Some Great Merchandise

Dec 2, 2017, 4:59:03 PM Life and Styles

Apart from the great interest that the solar eclipse this year had for scientists of varied hues, the entire nation joined in with an enthusiasm that is the hallmark of this great nation’s ability to turn anything and everything into a public spectacle. Take a look at how Americans are celebrating the Solar Eclipse 2017 carnival with special mementos:

Drinks That Refuse to Be Eclipsed

Solar Red Wine was launched to commemorate the-then upcoming Ozzy Osbourne’s performance at the Moonstock festival. Made from a blend of Syrah and Zinfandel grapes by the Carterville-based Walker’s Bluff Winery, the wine comes for $50 a bottle though you will have to shell out a handsome $500 for the collector’s edition. Similarly, the Starview Vineyard operating out of Coben, Southern Illinois made available a special edition Chambourcin red wine for $21 to celebrate the eclipse. Don’t worry, if red wine is not your thing; just try out a bottle of white wine produced by Alto Vineyards for $16.99.

The Makanda winery, Blue Sky went one step further with their special eclipse label Chambourcin by selling the $18 bottle with special commemorative wine glasses, posters, T-shirts, and eclipse viewing glasses. Excel Bottling Co. went ahead and stuck on a special eclipse label on their Black Cherry Soda and sold them by the case for just $18.

Cookies, Brownies, and Cake Pops

If you thought you could only buy drinks and not any snacks then think again! The Carbondale bakery, Cristaudo’s baked special solar eclipse cookies; you could choose from five different designs with prices ranging from $10.99 to $14.25 for a dozen. You could order them online if you didn’t want to pick them up in person. Not to be left behind in the solar eclipse celebrations, Zazzle, the popular online store, featured in its catalog, special solar eclipse cake pops, and brownies. At $43.90 and $51 per dozen, they were certainly not cheap, but that didn’t stop them from flying off the shelves.


True, a solar eclipse mug was perhaps one of the most widely available memorabilia, but the special edition crafted by the famous Karen Fiorino and made by Clay Lick Creek Pottery was really something else. Available at Etsy for $30, you could also pick them up at Makanda Visions Art Gallery and the Nest Arts if you were in Carbondale.


As may be expected, clothing items were perhaps the most popular solar eclipse merchandise going around. There were literally hundreds of companies that brought out special solar eclipse design shirts and T-shirts, many with zany captions, including “I got marooned in…” customized to your location where you were witnessing the event of the decade. You could opt for ties, caps, hats, leggings, dresses, and bodysuits for your baby or even for your pet.


If you were one of the millions who vied with each other to get to the best spot for viewing the total eclipse, you would not have missed out on the chance of picking up a few items that would serve to remind you of the experience.

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