How to know if you have a termite problem in your house

How to know if you have a termite problem in your house

Feb 6, 2019, 3:34:52 PM Life and Styles

The damage termites can cause

Termites are known to be one of the insects that can cause the most damage to human accommodation. As we all know that most of the parts of a house in the USA are built from wood, only the outer walls and foundations are concrete while the rest is wood and termites feed and live off wood. So the presence of Termite in a house can really cause damage to the integrity of the structure of the house and it leads to the homeowners to spend a lot of dollars to get rid of them. The approach for taking care of a termite problem has to be proactive rather than reactive so that it costs you less and to do that first you need to know how to detect signs of termites in house so that you can implement corrective measures that stop or eliminate the termites from your house. Here is how you can tell about a termite problem.

  1. Colony movement: The initial way termites actually move into a place is by flying to it and even though termites are known to not fly, they still do fly occasionally when the need arises and when they reach their destination, they simply discard their wings by shedding them off. This is hard to detect as the wings are fairly light so a slight wind can blow them away before you can detect but if you do manage to detect you might see a pile of wings together and that will show that termites have moved into your place.

  2. Tube formations: When termites have moved into your house they usually end up living inside walls and they form tubes from mud to help them move from one side to another of the house easily. These tubes are easy to detect and if you detect one it is best to examine it closely to see if there is a live termite colony living inside your house or not

  3. Wood damage: If you end up in this stage, it is already late as termites have been living in your house since a long time to start eating up into wood already. Termite caused damage looks really different on wood as they eat up in an orderly pattern so you will able to tell by looking at it if it has been done by termites or not. The damage done will usually be tube-like and it can end up making the wood really weak which might cause it to break eventually.

Even though these indicators have been listed down, it still might not be an easy task to detect termites in your home. It is strongly recommended that if you have the slightest of doubts of termite presence, you should look into hiring or calling in a termite expert who will tell you better if there is a problem or not.


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