The Top Four Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Right Flower Girl for Your Big Day

The Top Four Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Right Flower Girl for Your Big Day

Oct 25, 2018, 5:54:14 PM Life and Styles

If you have all the details of your wedding figured out, let us be the first to applaud you! Trying to get everything done before the big day can be a hugely stressful task – there’s so much to consider! From venues to food choices, to dresses, to open bar vs dessert bar, it can be entirely overwhelming!

That leads us to this important question: have you picked out the perfect flower girl for your big day?

You might think this sounds like a no-brainer? Just grab a cute kid from the family, buy her a beautiful little dress, and voila! You’re prepared.

It’s not always that easy, though! There are tons of things to consider before you finalize your flower girl choice. Have no fear, though, we’ve compiled the perfect list of flower girl must-asks for your big day! Make sure you check each of these off before you decide on your perfect, little flower girl!


Consider the Relationship

Okay, this is a big one. You might think it’s okay to ask just any cute little member of the family to be a part of your big day, but you need to remember, you’re dealing with a child. The relationship you have with that child is going to contribute to their level of comfort. So, if you’re considering your niece you’re very close with, odds are, she’s going to be very comfortable hanging out with you, completing a task, and more. But if you’re considering your fiancé’s second cousin’s kid who you’ve never met, the child might be a little less comfortable. A relationship is important, so take that into account when considering who you’re asking to be a flower girl.


Is She the Appropriate Age?

Age matters, but only to a certain extent. Typically, flower girls should range in age anywhere from 4-10, but it all depends on how traditional and proper you want your wedding to be. If you’re interested in a very structured, traditional wedding, then you might want to consider picking a flower girl that’s a little older so she can better take instruction. If you’re okay with a few distractions and some cute interruptions on your flower girl’s walk down the aisle, then a younger flower girl is no big deal! Then, remember to dress your girls at different ages up with appropriate flower girl dresses. If the small beauty is only 1-2 years old, toddler girl dresses are a good choice.

Do you Want More Than One?

Don’t be surprised, several brides and grooms choose to feature more than one flower girl for their big day. Sometimes the bride and groom each want to have their own flower girl, other times, siblings can act as joint flower girls. Either way, don’t feel limited to having just one!

Make Sure She Wants to Be Flower Girl

This is vitally important – you want to make sure that your flower girl of choice is actually interested in taking on the job. While it might seem like the dream job to you, remember that every child is different. Maybe the flower girl you have in mind is adorable and perfectly comfortable around you but is bad with crowds. Perhaps the flower girl wants to enjoy your day by watching and not having to play an integral role. Either way, make sure that your flower girl is participating because she wants to, not because she has to. You want her to be comfortable and happy, too!


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