The Use of Solar Fans for Attic Ventilation

The Use of Solar Fans for Attic Ventilation

Feb 21, 2018, 9:56:27 PM Life and Styles

The sun’s energy is found in abundance on the earth. The electricity required to turn the fan motors can be produced by solar panels. Attic ventilation during summer is a much-needed application of solar powered fans. This is a beneficial application as the problem of ventilation is solved when the sun is at its highest point. This is a better solution than buying electric fans online in India, as it saves non-renewable resources and decreases utility bills.

The need for attic ventilation

  • Attic ventilation is crucial to maintaining the structure of the house. The development of moisture inside the attic due to improper ventilation can cause mould. This rots the wood and can cause harm to the house.
  • A continuous circulation of air along with moisture prevention is essential in the attic. The ideal venting system calls for a system where the air enters the attic through soffits or eaves and escapes outside through roof ridges.

Solar power to ease the situation

  • The attic can become a stuffy place during the summer. The sunlight can enter the attic through the roof and heat up the stale air present inside. Although there are passive vents inside the house owing to building codes, the air in these vents are not enough to push the air outside.
  • Online fans in India can be configured to work on solar power. The motorized fan is necessary to overcome the shortcomings of passive vents. These fans will act as suction for outside air and force it throughout the attic space till it escapes through the passive vents.
  • The benefits of solar powered attic fans are the provision of attic ventilation at no cost or major changes in the house structures. Many manufacturers offer customized fans in sizes such as 12, 24, 36, and 60 watts. Roof, curb, and gable are the 3 ways of mounting the fans.

Benefits of using solar power

  • Environmental benefits –The summer usually affects customers during the day. The sunlight can be used for cooling mechanisms which are solar powered. AC bills amount to holes in the pocket when they are utilized during summer. ACs can consume a lot of electricity; especially when performance issues occur in the summer. However, solar fans double their speed and efficiency as the sun rises higher in the sky.
  • Benefits on the wallet- The energy required for the fan is free as it depends on the sun. The only problem occurs at night, which can be solved by using battery backup when the sun has set.
  • Health benefits- Keeping a solar fan is handy during the summer because there is no pocket-sized air conditioning everywhere. Summer activities with pocket solar fans are essential for untoward situations. There could be times when the scorching sun can render the body unable to regulate its temperature. This could result in heat cramps, heat rashes, or heat strokes which can be easily prevented by using a small portable solar fan.

A solar fan can be built inside the house, for those who are creative and thrifty.


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