Why Should One Go For Godaddy Pro

Why Should One Go For Godaddy Pro

Dec 31, 2018, 3:46:06 PM Tech and Science

managing your WordPress sites is a bit challenging, especially when you are doing it on behalf of other companies. Each client you deal with requires your full attention, but you could only deal with one client at a time. And that depends on how many WordPress sites you have or the number of clients you are dealing with. And increasing this circle requires a lot more organized skills. Or a service like Godaddy pro could make it more manageable for you.

But first, you must know about what is Godaddy pro. Godaddy pro is simply free to join service, which enables the web developer to simply grow their web businesses, With the means of free tools to manage the sites and clients and those tools are provided by Godaddy pro for free. It works with the sites which are hosted by the Godaddy and for Godaddy customers and if you are a Godaddy customer, you could also use, Godaddy coupon code to get some extra benefits while getting a hosting or a domain.

Also, the Godaddy pro provides some extra features for those who have created sites either by using GoDaddy website builder or through WordPress. Also for the WordPress developers, it is one of the best places to go. And if the already existing developers whose WordPress sites are hosted from elsewhere, wish to switch to GoDaddy hosting, can select inside the pro dashboard, and then as soon as the click to "migrate website" the site will be transferred to GoDaddy hosting immediately without creating any kind of problem. And for those, who are already having a hosting plan from Godaddy, they can allocate their site from existing hosting credits. And for those who aren't already using it, you can select one from the hosting plans which are available to you.

Well, but except for the site managing tools, what else does GoDaddy pro offers? well, let's take a look at that too.

The first place you arrive as soon as you log in to the GoDaddy pro is the home page, it is the page which is full of useful information. It also shows you the reminder of your recent activities, And also tells you what jobs you need to do most urgently and not only that, it also provides you with the tips to be a better pro.

You can access to your clients, sites, the GoDaddy reward scheme, my product and an overview of my financial relationships with GoDaddy and the service you already have.

And among this, the most impressive thing for a WordPress site manager is that he can be easily connected to sites as well as clients. The site page of pro comes with 4 subpages and these are, the websites, clients, add-ons, and overview.

Let's know about them in a little detail.



An overview is where the bigger picture is shown to you. And when you are handling more than one site, it's not always easy to manage that. So, all the sites that you are responsible for managing could be found here. In it not only includes the WordPress based sites but other also. You could also identify that which sites are hosted by Godaddy and which are hosted by others.

There is also a WordPress specific filter, a language breakdown and a means to select a site that uses add-ons. Irrespective of how many sites you manage, you should be able to set some filters, so that, when you click on the website page only those in which you are most interested in will be shown.



It is similar to the overview, with the same filtering panel that helps you select the status, clients, and tags. But what it also includes is a thumbnail of the site showing what currently the site looks like. And it also provides you with quick access to the dashboard of the specific site.



The main part for which the pro is all about is the clients. Above everything, a website manager needs client-focused activities. At the pro-home level, it is entirely a different way to look after the client information.



As a web hosting business owner, Godaddy is always looking to provide their customer with the exact feature set that is going to be the best for them. The Add-ons section of the GoDaddy pro is the section where you can click on the useful extras for the specific websites, and you could also deactivate it if needed.


Final Few Words About Why Should One Go ForGodaddy Pro

Well, that's some of the advantages which you could get when you switch to the Godaddy pro for efficient working. The Godaddy pro provides you with these amazing features and you are surely going to love them and can make your business more effective for sure.

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